Maxine Binks

Testimonial added autumn 2017:

Hi Julie

Hope you are well.

Just emailing you with an upate. I've lost exactly a stone in total since the day we spoke on the phone before my consultations with you. (4th September to 10th November). 

Exercise is going well, getting in the gym at least 4 times a week and just started week 4 off the couch to 5k app. Still drinking more water and still having my lunch break at work which I love. I've not been eating as much fruit and vegetables as I should be doing but it's something I'm trying to change, building up slowly. 

I've had a few days over the last few weeks where I have overeaten but I have not beaten myself up over it and for me this is the biggest change of all, I just listen to your recording and then get in the gym.

I had an NHS health check last week and the results were that my risk of heart disease is only 1.18% my cholesterol and blood pressure are really good. The only downside was my Hba1c level was 42 which means I am just on the lowest level (42-47) of being in the range of pre-diabetic, obviously this has given me a further boost to lose the weight. I want that score below that when I go for a further blood test in a year’s time.

Just had my birthday yesterday so got some more celebrations today then it's back to healthy eating tomorrow.

Thanks again for your support and I know I can get in touch when I need to for my free follow-up session. 

Kind Regards 

Maxine Binks


Umani Nock

Umnani stopped smoking with me nine years ago and came back to see me last year for weight management. She left me this 5 star review on Facebook in April 2016:

Last year I came back to Julie for help with weight management. I'd looked at other, cheaper places but just didn't feel comfortable with the services they were offering, most claimed to help you with "A virtual gastric band" & that didn't feel right for me.

Julie looks at the root cause of the problem, works with you to set realistic, achievable, healthy goals and helps you change your attitude & behaviour towards food. There's no restriction or deprivation, no food is out of bounds & you never feel like you're missing out. I love my food & get so excited about my meals but the food I crave is healthy, my portion size has halved & I rarely bother with snacks or chocolates & biscuits.

I've steadily lost weight over the last 6 months and am now 5lb off my target weight, I feel healthier, fitter & more confident than I have in years. Cost me a fortune though, I've dropped a dress size & had to buy a whole new wardrobe!


Testimonial from February 2016:

Hi Julie,

I hope you are well. Thanks again for the session last month. 

I haven’t had any chocolate since our session and have no real interest in sweet foods – just the occasional spoon of honey in my tea. 

It’s exactly how you described it – I don’t really think about it. 

Occasionally chocolate has entered my mind but I think to myself, “Nothing tastes as good as being slim and healthy feels” and it passes. 

Thanks again 

Best wishes 


Rebecca Knight

Please read my little story - it is long but an honest account of my experience.

Over the years I have struggled with my weight since I was in late high school going from a size 8 upwards in a short space of time. I have tried numerous diets over the years; calorie control, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Juice Plus, Miracle pills that make you lose weight, 30 Day Bikini Diet and some I have probably forgotten about - I do remember the porridge diet and the Caveman diet.

All in all I spent hundreds probably thousands of pounds trying to lose weight and some worked initially but then the weight pilled back on or I just maintained. The past few years I was proud that I had managed to maintain my weight bearing in mind that I had maintained a weight of over 16 stone and was a size 18-20. I was not unhappy or at least I thought so but coming to realise some of the things in my life and the way I avoided mirrors, would never go shopping for clothes with my friends and took ages to find an outfit for an event and I hated my photo being taken as I could see how large I had gotten compared to other photo’s. It became clear that I was just avoiding the issue because I had given up on anything working anymore.

I found Julie through my mum as she had helped her with relaxation techniques and to be honest I was very dubious that hypnotherapy would even work. I mean what could hypnotherapy do that I could not do for myself? At this point in my life I knew I needed to act I am heading towards the age of 30 and I really wanted to be me again I don’t think anyone who has not had weight issues could understand what is like to walk in to a shop and feel out of place, or try looking for your size at the back of rack to find it is not there. To be fair I am most annoyed at the industry that they feel larger sizes mean a person is fat and not built or curvy however, my body is not built that way I was not never meant to be this size.

I decided that seeing as I had spent so much money on all the other things why not try it and see what happened – in some respects I had nothing to lose emotionally as I had somehow reasoned that I would be this size forever. I called Julie and set up my first appointment and was really impressed initially by how knowledgable she was and the fact she was able to tell me the things I was doing without even knowing me at all it was like she really understood what I was going through. This made me feel comfortable and reassured.

Through the post I received her CD with a hypnotherapy session on due to me taking the package deal. I was asked to use this as much as I wanted before I came to my appointment. Now I will be honest and say that when I first laid down on my bed and listened I laughed and wanted to giggled quite a bit. It was only when I realised half way through that I was actually really relaxed and....chilled out.

I could honestly have gone to sleep after the CD had finished. I was a little impressed and decided to use it again the next night before I went to bed. I have to say the CD on its own is brilliant I have not felt so de-stressed in a long time. I wake up on a morning feel fresh and well rested. Situations I have been presented with where I know that I would have normally chosen a different reaction I now react calmly and differently. This has been a god send for my sleeping pattern, to be honest when I listen I barely make it to 19 in the countdown before I wake up in the morning with the ear phones still in!

So I was getting more and more confident with the whole aspect of hypnotherapy however, I have to warn everyone out there now. This is not a magic session Julie can’t make you do what you don’t want to do and therefore you have to the determination and drive to achieve this for yourself as well. As a competitive person I knew that setting myself goals would help but I am sure you can all find your own way.

When I went for my first session I weighed 16 stone 7lbs. Julie spent ages speaking to me about what I do and what I don’t do and you have to be honest here about your eating habits. She really understood me and the things she said about the mind and habits really made sense. The thing that surprised me the most about my first session was that I knew I was there and that I knew I was awake yet Julie was in control. I remember bits about what she had said when I came out of the sessions but after a few hours I honestly could not recollect anything.

The first time I realised that something was working was when I got up in the morning did my usual routine but I drank a glass of water and had a banana. I only realised when I got to my bus stop that I'd had breakfast when this was one of my main faults. I had done it automatically without thinking. I carried on with my day to life and yes you do need to make the right decisions around food when you are having lunch or dinner like I said this is not magic you have to work with Julie to achieve your goals.

After my first two weeks I had lost 6lbs which I had expected a large loss as this was my usual routine when I changed my eating habits – I was still proud of my achievements.

Since then I have had two more sessions and each week I have continued to lose weight and the more interesting thing is I don’t notice the changes I have made anymore I have changed my life style. I can no longer do the large portions, eat crap food like I used to do or go without breakfast because my body craves the right food now. To be honest I do treat myself every couple of weeks which is essential to any eating plan as the saying goes everything in moderation. Even when I have the treat whether it be a takeaway, a big bag of crisps etc. I don’t get the good feeling from them any more most of the time I feel bloated and sick sometimes.

The biggest thing I have noticed is my obsession with water. I love it and before I could not be bothered with it. I crave water and I feel guilty when I have not had enough during the day if I have been busy on my day off. When I go out for a meal or to friends and family I no longer have tea and coffee as I tend to get a headache or feel bloated I just have water or juice. I have been so surprised by how little I feel that I have given up anything and how easy it feels now.

It was a hard journey in the beginning not to slip and constantly aware of what I was eating. If you are anything like me as well I have a husband who can get away with eating what he wants when he wants and not put any weight on so it has always been easier to follow his eating habits. If you are honest with yourself when it gets hard and why Julie can help in so may ways and using the CD as well in between sessions has been a booster. So far I have lost 1 stone 6lbs which has been over 10 weeks which is an average of 2lb per week – I weigh myself on the proper one in Boots as well making sure I use the same machine each time. Whilst I have lost more and less from week to week the average is where it should be. Losing weigh the right means it stays off for good.

I could not be happier for the first time in a long time I have a solution that is continually working for me and I have hardly had to change all that much and more importantly I feel better in myself. Everyone has noticed how much weight I have lost and already my clothes are baggy and I have gone down a dress size.

Julie is the most amazing person to speak to and the way she helps is brilliant. I am so happy I called her to make the appointment and more importantly she deserves all the thanks in the world. She has changed my lifestyle for the better and I could never thank her enough for the confidence she has given me and also for putting the control and power back in my hands over my food intake and habits.

Thank you so much Julie and please make your appointment to see her you will be more than amazed and pleased with the results.

Rebecca Knight

Gary from Rastrick

I started hypnotherapy with Julie three months ago. Why did I do that?

Arthritic knees, hitting my forties and them hitting back, and the recent death of a olleague from a heart attack were uppermost in my mind.

It's the thirteen week mark as of writing this, or in other terms a quarter of a year. So far, I'm down by thirty-three pounds, or fifteen Kg, or two stones and five pounds in old money. I can only see this continuing. I've still about the same to lose, but it's a fairly clear route.

I've dieted before, but the usual pattern of giving up within a few weeks became giving up within a few days as I got older. I had the incentives I've already mentioned, and as I work in the information department of a wholefood wholesaler I knew what I had to do, but I just wasn't doing it. A colleague recommended Julie after he'd stopped smoking with her help, and the next thing I knew I was having my first session.

I've dieted before, so I thought I knew it all. I found out I knew most of it, but Julie managed to fill in the odd gap or two. She's kept her knowledge current, including the latest medical research. The hypnotherapy itself is a gentle, yet effective, process - and the important part is that I'm now doing what I knew I should.

I wasn't eating products that were that bad for the most part, but too many of them at each sitting and too many sittings. My overall diet has changed, with far greater an emphasis on foods I wouldn't have eaten much of before, and for me the main part was how I kept snacking down to a minimum and control my portion size now. I used to snack on what were effectively cheese sandwiches at work, or wander past a sandwich shop and buy something because I was bored and fancied eating as entertainment. That's ended. On the rare occasions I get a takeaway, I only eat half of it and feel sated. Meals I prepare for myself are smaller, and instead of eating until I'm too full later, I'm finishing and don't find myself uncomfortable.

The interesting downside is that I've had to buy two new belts since the start of this treatment, and had to add extra holes in the latest one within weeks of buying it, but the extra cost is more than offset by not spending as much on food.


Jayne saw me in 2011. She emailed this testimonial at the end of June:

I'm in my early 40's and have kids and a job.I was about 3 stone overweight when I booked my sessions with Julie. I was beginning to feel fat and frumpy and didn't like the way I felt or looked.We're an active family and I wanted to be able to ski – but I couldn't even get my boots on!

I am quite a healthy eater and was going to the gym and doing classes but I was snacking on chocolate, biscuits and crisps and eating too many puddings.

My first session with Julie was in February 2011 and at this session we discussed what I ate and what I needed to change. After the session I just had no temptation for any sweet stuff at all!I found myself drinking more water too – which was easy as I really didn't drink water before I met Julie!

In the following two weeks I lost 7lb and at my second session we worked on getting me to eat a bigger range of vegetables.In the following two weeks I lost another 5lbs and ate cabbage and sprouts which I'd never eaten before. I did have one piece of chocolate cake as a special treat – after all I’m not on a diet!

By my follow-up session in May I'd lost one and a half stone.

I'm eating heathier food, drinking water, I just don't want the sweet and fattening foods I used to snack on and I feel really well and very positive.I know that I will be able to reach my 3 stone weight-loss goal – and get into those boots!!!

At the end of June I'm now down to eleven and a half stone from my original 13 stone 11 lbs.I caught my self in a shop window when running across a road and nearly stopped in the middle of the road to take a second look as I looked a "normal" size or on a more positive stance: "good".

Still no snacking, and although there's been a major crisis in my life at no point did anything from Cadbury's touch my lips!

Thanks for your help Julie!


Janine of Bradford

Janine from Bradford tells her story, which she e-mailed to Julie in 2011:

Having tried many diets, some successful for a short time but all resulting in putting weight lost back on plus more, I decided it was time to take control. From that first telephone call to Julie I knew she would be able to help me.

On an average day I would drink 3 – 4 cans of diet coke, eat a packet of crisps, several biscuits (some days a full packet) and chocolate bars. Any excuse to eat basically anything and not always because I was hungry. I ate healthy meals and fruit and vegetables – just not enough.

After my first session I didn't feel any different and if anything was a little disappointed. What I hadn't realised was that I was drinking water instead of Diet Coke, not eating (or buying) biscuits/chocolate and walking up stairs instead of taking the lift, without even thinking about it. I found myself saying no to the things that had been controlling my life. I felt great.

Two weeks after my first session I had an operation which meant I could not attend my second session. A major factor for me was that when I had my pre op health check my usually high blood pressure had drastically reduced purely by shedding half a stone in 2 weeks. I eventually got to see Julie one month after having my first session. What was amazing was that even though I was not able to do much I continued to lose weight, although I was walking I had been secretly worried about gaining weight but was really pleased that by my third session I had lost 1 stone.

Since that first session (4 months ago) I have not had any diet coke (which for anyone that knows me is a great success). I genuinely enjoy fruit and vegetables instead of just eating them because I think I should and I always have a jug of water in the fridge. Christmas for me was to be the biggest test – with lots of parties, boxes of chocolates and Christmas cake. But do you know what? I survived! And I didn’t feel as though I had been deprived.

I am now in control and am well on the way to losing another stone.

Thank you Julie

Keith of Leeds

Keith from Leeds had two weight loss sessions in December 2009 with Julie and a third session mid-January. He wrote this after his free follow-up session in March 2010:

I have been overweight all of my life. I am now 53. I have tried most diets and failed every time. In 2003 I had a gastric bypass, which worked for about a year bringing my weight from 152kg down to 130kg.

I found I could not stop eating, it was a habit, something in my head. I have had severe depression and low self esteem for quite a few years.

A friend recommended me to visit Julie, the very best decision I have ever made.

After only one visit I noticed a change in my attitude and in my eating habits. Gone were the crisps, chips, chocolate, cheese and midnight snacks - in exchange for water, fruit, vegetables and wholewheat bread.

After 4 visits and in less than 4 months (including Christmas) I have lost another 10kg and am on the road to a healthy, calmer life.

I cannot stress this enough:  "Believe in Julie, she believes in you."

Keith, Leeds

Laura of Morley

Laura is a good example of someone who has been really successful at losing weight but needed a little bit of extra help to keep control and keep the weight off!

"Last year I decided that enough was enough and I needed to lose weight. I signed up to SureSlim and managed to lose 6 stone in 7 months through my personalized programme and fantastic willpower!

Although I never slipped back fully into my bad habits I found I was "rebelling" every day and the weight was slowly creeping on. When I had put on nearly 12lbs I felt like I was losing control and knew that the original motivation I had was falling by the wayside. I had heard good things about Julie through word of mouth and called her to find out more.

Just through a phone conversation I knew she would help me. She made me realize hypnosis could change those bad habits and her straight forward, straight talking approach appealed to me.

After the first session I noticed changes. I didn’t feel like I wanted those "bad" foods I had labelled in my head and I had a huge sense of control. It was just like something had clicked!

I have since had 1 more session and have managed to get through Christmas and New Year without gaining any weight. It has also made me realize that this is my way of life – I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything or feel the need to binge and convince myself I’ll be good tomorrow and inevitably it will never come!

I would urge anyone who feels like they have lost their way or have bad habits that they are desperate to change despite the best will in the world to consider Hypnosis, and Julie in particular! She has a wealth of knowledge about different weight loss methods and will not judge you but just get you back on track based on what you want and what your focus is.

Thanks Julie for helping me break that vicious circle I found myself in!

Laura, Morley

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is a Food Buyer for the NHS. Here is her story:

I met Julie on 1st June 09 and discussed how I felt about myself and why I was uncomfortable with my weight - basically I was fat, lazy and hated shopping purely as I could never find any clothes to fit and would resort to eating to cheer me up! I have tried various "diets" and failed because I was constantly thinking about what I couldn't have and wanted it more.

I went away from the 1st session feeling positive and that my target to loose 4 stone wasn't a tough one. I overhauled my shopping routine buying lots of fresh fruit and veg opposed to frozen convenience meals and always feel satisfied after my meals. I still have the odd treat of a bar of chocolate or a ice cream on a hot day, but this is now occasional opposed to daily! I don't feel deprived of anything and the "want" is now for exercise opposed to food.

I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would actually "want" to go out for a walk never mind a jog!

3 months on since I first saw Julie I am jogging around 2 miles 3 or 4 nights a week and walking about 7 miles on both Saturday and Sunday and I'm actually enjoying it!

My exercise really started after my 3rd session and was a 10-minute walk around the block or walking to the local shop opposed to jumping in the car which felt really challenging at the time. That progressed to walking to the next lamp post before turning back, the following night I pushed that bit further and that's how it continued until I found I was jogging between the lamp posts and I was out for 20 then 30 minutes. 

My weight? I have a weekly weigh in on a Friday night on the Wii Fit which I find helps as it graphs your loss so it really spurs you on seeing the line decreasing! I started on the 1st June 09 at 15.8lb and now weigh 13.12lb which is 24lb! I believe the weight will continue to come off at the steady rate and I am on track to have reach my 4 stone target by Christmas!

My clothes are falling off me and I'm starting to enjoy clothes shopping again - although I'm limiting myself to how much I buy as shortly I will be buying another dress size down!

Thanks Julie, you have made this so easy, and I actually feel guilty taking complements from people saying how great I look and how much weight I have lost when I don't feel I have really done anything or struggled!


Dee of Leeds

Dee stopped smoking with me in 2007 and decided in 2009 to come for a package of sessions to help with weight loss.

Dee was 88kg eating big meals and drinking red wine by the bottle!

At the second session (two weeks laster) she had lost 4kgs (c9lbs), cut out the red wine, reduced her carbs and had been walking. She was also sleeping better.

Two weeks later at the third session she was down to 13st 2lbs which is about 83.5kg so had lost another couple of pounds. She had been going to the gym most days, eating smaller meals and had only the odd glass of wine.

At her free follow-up session in April Dee’s weight was down to 12st 11lbs but most importantly she was maintaining her new healthy eating, drinking and exercise habits.

Dee writes:

Having stopped smoking with support from hypnotherapy I wondered whether it might assist me in my aim to lose weight.

I'd found it difficult in the past to maintain lifestyle changes that I know are necessary.

I'm not going to tell you "it's a miracle" way to lose weight.

What I can tell you is that the scales confirm that I have maintained a steady weight loss.

I have no doubt that hynotherapy has underpinned my determination to lose weight and played a key part in the success I've achieved so far.

The Policeman

This client wrote after just two weight loss sessions taken in Autumn 2008. (His third session was used for something completely different):

So there I was, 39 years of age, a married man with two kids, 20 years as a Police Inspector and an ever expanding waist line. Each year I had gained weight from being 19. Each year I dreamt that it would just drop off. I had tried different diets including the Atkins - which did work - if you followed them.

By chance I saw the flyer for Julie and on impulse took a copy - which I put in a drawer and forgot about. Sometime later I found the leaflet and decided to give Julie a ring. She advised me to check the website and read the testimonials. I scanned down to see if there was anyone I thought would be like me (because after all I am unique, being unable to control my eating and gaining weight aren't I!)

Well after a while I rang Julie up and took the plunge to opt for the 4 sessions. At the first session we spent a long time looking at my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve. On the 1st October 2008 I weighed 17st 4. I set myself a target weight of 14st. (I am naturally broad shouldered and consider this to be a good weight for me.) I found the first session a real interesting experience - completely painless and very relaxing. Something I would recommend to anyone to try at least once whatever the issue. So would it work?

Today is the 4th December 2008. I now weigh 15st 12, so have lost a stone and a half. AND IT WAS EASY! I have now got a relaxed attitude to food and naturally veer towards healthier choices. I have never felt like I am missing out and have consumed my fair share of takeaways, Chinese, Pizza, Indians etc since the session. I still go out and have a beer or several, so I have moved to a different lifestyle rather than being on a diet.

Do you know what - I now eat normally. I would definitely recommend this - the bottom line is you have probably spent loads of money on different diets, exercise equipment etc and if you are reading this it probably hasn't worked. So consider the cost of Julie's sessions against this. If it works is it worth it?

Wendy Townsend

Wendy Townsend from Halifax is 51 and works full time in a management role in a company in Leeds. She required a knee replacement so exercise was limited. She was shocked when she eventually went for surgery to find how much her weight had actually increased and was determined to sort herself out.

Dear Julie

In the past two months I have lost 13lbs and am well on the way to my target weight of 12 stone.

When I first came to you I was eating quite healthily – except for the extra snacks!A regular cereal bar, chocolate and daily packet of crisps had pushed my weight up to nearly 15 stone!The regular gin and tonic and glasses of wine wasn’t helping either.I was also drinking coffee by the gallon!

After just one session I had cut out the snacks completely and started walking regularly and using my wii for extra exercise. I’d recommend this to anyone. I’m quite competitive so the balance games and aerobics are fun – and I use the yoga too.

In between the second and third sessions we went to Edinburgh for a short break and all the time I was there I ate healthily, chose wisely and did lots of walking so I didn’t put on any weight.

We still eat out, I still have an occasional desert and I don’t feel as though I’m dieting.I am not snacking after dinner.I have cut right down on the coffee and I have had one bag of crisps in two months and didn’t really enjoy them!I am eating healthily and only have a G & T at the weekends instead of every night.

I really feel as though I am back in control. Thank you.

Wendy Townsend


Jane of Bradford

Jane from Bradford, age 39 and a full time Mum to a 4-year old boy, came to me in for 3 sessions in July and August 2008 and a follow up in September. Jane had already lost her weight through sensible eating and wanted help in ensuring that she stayed slim!

A million thanks to Julie for giving me what I can only describe as an ability to view food with confidence and enjoyment rather than guilt, fear and dread! 

Having been a yo-yo dieter for many, many years I lost 2 stones in weight through a "sensible eating plan" and then heard about Julie. So I contacted her to see if her programme was for somebody like me, who had managed to lose the weight and now wanted the necessary will power and know-how to keep it from creeping back on!

Julie's confidence and absolute belief that she could help me after just 1 phone call meant that I immediately signed up for some sessions.

4 sessions later, my weight has remained stable and I now view food completely differently. My weaknesses had always been with things like crisps and savoury snacks and now instead of beating myself up and feeling guilty for eating a packet, I totally accept that I have eaten them and in a way that makes me lose the craving. Somehow, forbidden fruit is always regarding as tempting, but now that nothing is forbidden, I find that I no longer have the cravings that I once had.

I still love food and eating out is my favourite pastime, but the difference in me now is that I enjoy my food knowing that I have made sensible menu choices and if I do have a pudding, so what? It's not something I have every day, and I feel I have the ability to eat it without any guilt whatsoever.

Thank you Julie for your inspiration and the fun sessions. I would recommend this avenue of help to anyone.

Jane x

Warren Townsend

This testimonial is from ten years ago but Warren first came to see me in August 2004. At 35, married with two children he was overweight with high cholesterol and a poor diet. Warren’s story shows how successful hypnotherapy can be – and how we can never make you do what you don’t want to do! Everyone makes their own decision to change when they’re ready!

I went to see Julie after a friend of mine had been to stop smoking. I knew my eating habits were bad and I was 18 stone – about 2 stone overweight and was having regular tests for high cholesterol at the doctors. I was eating big meals, lots of chips, chocolate and biscuits and drinking about 12 cups of coffee a day!I was also drinking a lot of beer but didn’t want to give this up!I just wanted to feel better!

After my first session with Julie I changed from white bread to brown, started eating salads, drinking water and cut the coffee down to about 4 cups a day.I was still finishing food off my kids’ plates though so this was the next session for Julie.

By my third session (less than a month after my first) I had started going for a walk every evening after work and had lost half a stone.

By the end of September I was 17 stone feeling much better, eating healthier – but still didn’t want to cut out the beer, even though I knew this was stopping me losing more weight.

By Christmas 2004 I was down to 16 stone, eating healthily and going to the gym.

Then I got a bit complacent, stopped going to the gym and my weight started to go up again. I was also going back to the chocolate and biscuits so I decided to go back to Julie!

After one session in April 2005 I completely stopped eating chocolate – and have never eaten it since!

Although my eating habits have remained really good and I am certainly so much healthier than I was back in 2004 my weight started to creep up as I continued to drink cider.I could drink 15 pints a night and then move onto Bacardi – even though I would hardly know how to speak let alone walk I would walk through Huddersfield at night in a daze! Of course, I then wanted to eat and it was usually a pizza!

So in June 2008 I booked another package of sessions with Julie. The first thing she did was get me off the cider.To be honest, even though she’d stopped the chocolate 3 years before I never thought she would stop me drinking. But she did! I haven’t had any alcohol now for 2 months.I am back drinking water and have only had maybe 3 packets of crisps in the last 2 months.I am back down to 17 stone and at my free follow up session Julie helped me to knock the evening 'boredom' snacks on the head. 

People now notice how well I look and I feel 100 times more fit.It I hadn’t met Julie I would have died – if not from drinking too much from being hit over the head walking through the back streets of Huddersfield!

Warren Townsend

Diane Young

Diane Young from Shipley works in a Bank and is married with grown-up children. Her goal was to lose about a stone and a half and to feel confident and comfortable about her weight.

We decided that she could make the changes needed with just two sessions as she was already eating healthy meals – it was the snacking that was the problem.

Diane came for two sessions in April and May and wrote this in July 2008:

When I first heard of Julie through my manager at work I wasn’t really interested as I was in the throws of a new diet plan. I am renowned amongst my friends for always being on one diet or another and often mixing them up to suit my day.However the diet failed or maybe I failed the diet. I was really fed up of battling against what felt like the inevitable ending of getting bigger and bigger. I had reached an all time low and felt I had no will power left at all. I could not exercise because of back problems and this further frustrated me.

Having reached panic point I decided to give hypnotherapy a go and went to see Julie. I felt the difference in attitude straight away although she did turn all my dieting ideas on their head and it took me ages to do my first shop and read all the labels!

My weight loss has been steady and with 19lb to lose I realise it will not happen overnight but what did happen overnight was my bad eating habits disappeared. I no longer sit watching TV and listening to the delights of the fridge calling my name and giving in too easily. I no longer eat between meals and it is such a release. I enjoy healthy meals and find no problems eating out. In fact not long after my 2nd session with Julie I organised the usual 'girls night in' with a fab meal and when everyone looked expectantly at me for dessert I realised I had completely forgotten to do one. I thought this hilarious but I was on my own with that one!

Shopping for food is so easy now it never occurs to me to go down the cake or sweet aisle and if I get a thought about chocolate it just goes phuff like a puff of smoke out of my mind altogether.I have also cut out the diet coke and drink more water. I used to sit and eat all the nibbles when out for a drink now it never bothers me and I just feel utterly amazed and relieved. I have lost 12lb (in 3 months) without being on a diet and have gone down a dress size whilst still having weekends away and meals out.

To anyone thinking of taking the plunge I would say come on in the water is lovely!"

Diane Young


Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall already knew how wonderful NLP and hypnotherapy were when she came for her weight loss session because I’d removed her phobia of flying and heights a couple of years ago. After one weight loss session Helen e-mailed this:

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to let you know I am feeling on top of the world since our session. I have eaten the most lovely, healthy food over the last week and my energy levels have soared. Keith and I went to the cinema last night and he munched his way through a bag of liquorice toffess and I wasn't interested in the slightest. Sat with my bottle of water as happy as larry!

I've also got out of my size 16's and back into the 14's - next stop 12's!!!

I don't feel at all as though I'm missing out on anything. It's not even occurring to me to have a pudding or anything really after dinner. Haven't felt hungry or eaten between meals at all.

So thank you!

Helen xx

Michelle of Otley

Michelle has a partner, children, and a full-time job. She lives in Otley. She wrote this for her free follow-up appointment in June 2008:

In the past I felt I was always being deprived, going without, but still felt like a “hefalump”. I was weighing myself everyday and worrying about what I could eat that day to lose the pounds. I had good days and bad days so I was skipping meals, drinking lots of coffee and then going on a food bender once a week. I could also drink 4 or 5 alcopops a night. I was always stressing about food!

After my first session with Julie I starting drinking more water, drastically reduced my coffee intake and only had one alcopop in two weeks! I ate breakfast every day which, for me was amazing! In two weeks I had lost 7lbs!

After my second session I was eating sensibly, three meals a day with no unnecessary snacks. I was using a treadmill that we have at home every day and taking the dog out for longer walks! 

By my third session I felt I was really in control of my weight and I’d stopped worrying about food so I asked Julie to help me remove my fear of flying. I can now think about flying away on holiday without that sense of panic washing over me that I used to have and am looking forward to my next holiday!

My life has changed so much in the past few months. I find I now enjoy eating well and just don’t get stressed about food at all. I don’t really know how much weight I’ve lost because I don’t feel the need to get on the scales anymore – I’ve got more important things to think about!


Jan from York

Jan had three sessions with me in February and March 2008. After her first session she had stopped late afternoon snacking and her night sweats had gone. After her second session she was sleeping better, had stopped her medications, and her dry mouth symptoms had gone. Jan wrote this after her free follow up session at the end of April:

I went to Julie for help with weight loss, menopausal symptoms and confidence issues.

My lifestyle has completely changed. I no longer suffer from night sweats or daytime 'hot flushes'; I no longer rely on medication to help me sleep as I can now relax naturally and this in turn has helped my IBS.

My confidence has grown and I feel good about myself. The balanced healthy diet and regular exercise which I enjoy, has helped me to loose weight and tone up, but the most important part of the ‘new me’ is how happy and positive I feel about myself and my life.

Thanks Julie!

D of Leeds

Many clients will return to solve other issues after they've successfully stopped smoking with Julie. D of Leeds came to take control of her drinking habit with one session:

Hi Julie,

Just had to email you on a couple of things. First the drinking, just like the stopping smoking has worked brilliantly for me!!I did 2 drinks last Saturday but that was as we were away for my birthday. However, I have not craved alcohol nor have I even really wanted to drink it but I did enjoy just being able to have 2 and then not have any more. So thanks for that one yet again. You excel!

Just had to tell you as I'm so damned positive for Hypnotherapy in every aspect of life. Should anyone in my family ever need some help somewhere along the line, you will be my first port of call.

Thanks Julie, for everything. My life is wonderful again, my family are back on track my relationship is the best it has ever been and I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!


Judy Middlemiss

Judy Middlemiss first came to see me in late September 2006. She lost 7lbs in the first two weeks. By April 2007 she had lost 2 ½ stone. She wrote this in November 2007:

"Since visiting Julie in late 2006 I have lost 3 ½ stone. This has been achieved by eating sensibly and exercising more, both of which were made easy through hypnosis. I lost the endless craving for anything sweet and really enjoyed the foods which were good for my body.

Shopping time has been cut, as I no longer saunter down the sweet and biscuit aisles trying to be strong, I just ignore them and walk past and it’s so easy! If you add up the amount you spend on chocolate, crisps, cakes and all the rubbish you put in your shopping trolley you will be surprised at how much this is every week/month. This amount will be saved!

My confidence has improved, coupled with such a feeling of well being, I feel amazing and judging by the compliments I receive I must look quite good for 58!

Judy Middlemiss, North Yorkshire

Pam Hornby

Testimonial added summer 2017:


In 2004 I had a health scare suffering from Pancreatitis which resulted in my having a Heart Attack and needing a Stent fitting. 

My Doctor told me that this was a result of having smoked an average of 40 cigarettes a day for 48 years (I started after a dare from my brothers at the age of 7 year old). 

After discussion with my then boyfriend I decided to try Hypnosis and contacted Break the Habit and arranged for a session of treatment the following week. 

When I came out of the clinic and got into the car my boyfriend asked how it had gone and I told him that it had not worked because I could remember everything that was said. He asked me if I wanted a cigarette and I told him I would have one later. Well for later try 13 years and I still don’t want one. I can sit in a room with people smoking all around and it does not bother me. 

Let’s now move on to the present and again I have a scare having been told by my Doctor that I have Diabetes and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea as a direct result of being overweight (at this point I was tipping the scales at a majestic 119.6 kgs which equates to 263.5 pounds or almost 19 stones so again I contacted Break the Habit and arranged for a course of treatment to help me reduce my weight. 

Pam Hornby


Sarah Cummings

Sarah has had fantastic results. Her testimonial is from Facebook in April 2016:

Break the habit has changed my life so much and helped me work towards achieving my goal, I always struggled with my weight and hit my biggest this time last year, I decided enough was enough and something needed to be done, all of the diets and exercise out there weren't working and I had no clue why until I heard about Julie and realised it was myself that had to change and I have, I'm already at my size goal I set myself in my first session.

I'm no longer looking at numbers on a scale constantly instead I'm looking in the mirror and admiring the changes of my body every day, I feel so much happier and healthier, not to mention confident. I owe Julie so much for what she has helped me achieve.

K.R. of Huddersfield

Testimonial received in Summer 2015:

Hi Julie,

I hope you're well? 

I just wanted to let you know that you have worked wonders with me.

There has been no diet coke or sugary rubbish at all since I came to see you. I've had a really stressful couple of weeks too which would normally tip me over the edge but I'm like a woman changed so thank you so much!

I can't believe after just 1 session this is how I feel - even small changes like stopping eating when I'm full and absolutely no cravings!! I didn't think that would ever happen.

KR Huddersfield

Carol from West Yorkshire

I am a 50 something year old female teacher who has battled for years against an addiction to sugar.

After discovering hypnotherapy I now I feel in control of my ‘sweet tooth’. Gone are the cravings. I no longer crave chocolate or sweet things. 

I have shed 9 lbs already just by following a normal diet. I no longer follow a diet regime. I eat out once a week and feel totally free of the control that sugar had over me. 

It’s a truly wonderful feeling and very, very big thank you to you Julie! 

Carol from West Yorkshire

Sharon of Leeds

After living with some serious eating disorder issues for over a decade, my behaviour had become so ingrained and habitual that I couldn't imagine another life. Eventually, after trying a number of other treatments an acquaintance recommended Julie and her mix of hypnosis and NLP therapy.

This has to be the best money I've ever spent.  

With Julie's help I have done what I once though was impossible and gained control of my life. The sessions were comfortable and relaxed, I could open up without feeling judged and after the session, I felt incredible.  

Julie changed my binge and purge relationship with food throughout the session and imprinted new habits, for instance eating slowly and away from distractions like TV so I'm less likely to binge, enjoying all types of food in moderation but preferring healthy foods that are low in sugar, only eating half the food on my plate until I listened to my body rather than automatically consuming the portion in front of me, but most importantly, feeling in control where food is concerned.  

I would forward this recommendation on to anyone who is unhappy with an aspect of their life that Julie can help them with. As someone who’s tried to sort themselves out for years to no avail, it's so much easier to get some help.

Thanks again Julie. 



Hi Julie,

Just thought I would send you an email to let you know how things are going etc.

In a word... 'wonderful'!

My daughters want to know who I am and what have you done with the old mum.

To cover the last session first if I may - this was the one where we tried to sort out my eating habits and break some cravings. Well it has taken VERY well. I just don't fancy some stuff any more. My best friend is now water (even though it can be expected in this heat) and I more often than not want a bowl of salad for lunch (and a small one at that) and feel horrid if I do overindulge. So I have a quick 'tap' to forgive myself and on I go. Early days yet but I feel very optimistic.

My previous sessions regarding my anxiety and fear concerning loud/unpleasant noises had bedded in very nicely too. I am no longer afraid and am a lot more comfortable in my own home. Having to have open windows in a street with fractious young children has been a test but I have passed with flying colours. I wish I could explain to others how it feels or in fact how it doesn't feel - it really does feel like you have switched certain buttons off and turned some on. I find it very easy to look upon stress now objectively and can easily help myself feel better quickly.

I recommend the use of tapping and it is another mind quiz as it were... I don't know how it works (well now I do because I have read up on it) but it does.

I found the other day I had my old 'flippy tummy' after putting up with a furniture throwing row from next door.. I tapped a few times but it didn't really shift - then I realised I wasn't afraid or anxious about it. I was tapping the WRONG feeling! I was so used to feeling that way I immediately went for that. Once I realised I was just a little worried for each of them (as I know they are both as bad as each-other next door) I tapped to move the worry on. It worked and then I sent them a little prayer/blessing too to help smooth the atmosphere. What a difference from the old me! Who would be fractious, jittery and unable to sit still. The old me would have taken days to calm herself.. now I am totally back to normal within hours if not minutes. That was a real test - also passed with merits!

Thank you Julie, I know noise issues was a bit different from the norm but you sorted me out beautifully. I really appreciate your help and your wisdom too. You have really made a difference to me and I know my family can really see the difference. I now know that it is silly to keep battling your head - sometimes it gets in a muddle and you are just the person to sort it!

Thanks again Julie - I will keep in touch if that's okay.

Amanda xx


Marlene came for a Special package of 4 weight loss sessions. She was also using alcohol to help her sleep. Three months after her first session she wrote this:

Wow! What can I say, just that on the 5th of April at 2am I was sat with a glass of alcohol in my hand just waiting and praying for sleep to take over. Something that I had been doing for as far back as I can remember.

By 4pm that day, after my first visit to see Julie, a whole new life had opened up to me. Since that day my sleeping pattern has become normal, I don't need any alcohol anymore and I have lost over a stone and at least 2 dress sizes. I haven't needed to go back for my follow up visit yet and feel confident that I will not need to. All I can say is that I wish I had made that appointment years ago.



Lorraine Whitehead

I consulted Julie in January 2013 for hynotherapy sessions to deal with weight loss. This was as a result of having tried most other methods of dieting and being disillusioned when after some limited success over the years, I continued to put the weight back on.

I spent some time researching local hypnotherapists but chose Julie as she had a lot of positive testimonials. To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I first went, but have to say that I have found the hypnotherapy sessions truly life changing! I went from drinking 8-12 cups of coffee a day to 1 a week - this happened overnight!

I stopped drinking wine - something I could never imagine doing. As part of changing my diet, I stopped eating dairy products and found that the eczema I have had on my hands for the last 15 years disappeared within days. I have lost 2 stone so far and can honestly say I have found it effortless. I feel so much better and have more energy and these health benefits have been a welcome bonus.

I have been so impressed with the hypnotherapy from Julie that I have recommended her to a number of people and am more than happy to add to her glowing testimonials.

Lorraine Whitehead

Christine of Horsforth

Christine came for the Special Package of weight loss sessions and wrote this after her free follow-up session:

I'm 54, tall, was overweight for my height (by about 3 stone) and totally fed up with not feeling to be in control of what I ate and drank.I have a part time job, hectic lifestyle and three children (early 20s) who I wanted to be able to enjoy being with and not feel to be fat and frumpy beside them.Our very social lifestyle means we go to lots of dinner parties at friends, meals out, drinks after work etc. and 'cutting back' was always something that was going to start 'on Monday'.

We do eat lots of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit and it's not that I didn't know what I should or shouldn’t eat or drink - it's just that I didn't feel to have any will power over temptation.Goodies in the kitchen at work, crisps before a dinner party, snacks out of the fridge at tea time, cakes with afternoon tea, puddings and wine any night of the week were all everyday temptations I didn't seem to be able to resist at all, never mind restricting them to sensible quantities or regarding them as 'treats'.

And as for 'cravings' – whenever I was hungry and thought about a 'snack' (chocolate, cheese, pork & pickle pies) my mouth literally watered for it and I had no option but to eat it (and probably lots of it).

Then I noticed the amount of weight a friend had lost and she recommended Julie Woodcock.I didn't have any opinion one way or another about hypnotherapy but I did think what my friend told me about the changes she had made to her way of thinking about food and eating made a lot of sense and thought it was what I needed and should give it a go.

I am absolutely delighted with the result. Not only have the hypnotherapy sessions worked but just sitting talking to Julie beforehand helped enormously.All the tips combined with the changes Julie has managed to achieve with my subconscious and way of thinking about food has resulted in me loosing two stones and it really hasn't been difficult.

I have generally lost a couple of pounds a week over the last five months and am on target to have lost the rest by Christmas which was my goal. I am eating healthily and drinking lots of water.I feel 100% better about myself and better healthwise as the weight loss is also improving problems I had with my lower back and knees.I feel positive about exercising and I am interested in clothes again and don't feel I look hideous in everything I try on any more. I am enjoying friends and colleagues commenting on how much weight I have lost and being honestly able to say that I'm not on a 'diet' (especially having done a couple in the past and put back on all the weight I had lost – and more - very quickly).

I can honestly say I am apprehensive about the approach of Christmas but equally I know that because the way I now think about food has changed and is in effect a 'lifestyle' change, if I do enjoy a few too many 'treats' I now have the control to stop myself over indulging and this control is what will support me into a slim and healthy future.

Christine, Horsforth, Leeds

Pauline of Huddersfield

Pauline saw me for 3 weight loss sessions at the end of 2010 and wrote this for her free follow-up appointment in January 2011:

I went to see Julie back in November as I wanted to lose a couple of stone, but more importantly I wanted to feel healthier and better about myself. I had a course of 4 sessions and have just had my last session.

I can honestly say that I would thoroughly recommend Julie to anyone who is trying to lose weight.

As a result of my sessions, I now eat more healthily using fresh ingredients whenever possible. I certainly don’t feel as though I am on a diet, just that I prefer to chose healthier foods which make me feel better and will help me get to my goal weight. I now see food more in terms of fuel.

As a result of my healthier eating I no longer suffer from indigestion and heart-burn which have troubled me in the past. I have much more energy and exercise more often than I used to do. This is through a matter of choice and again helps me feel better in general. Drinking more water has also become a natural habit.

I have dieted in the past using a certain slimming club on 3 separate occasions and each time had some success, but this has been relatively short lived, hence the need to return a second and a third time. With hypnotherapy, I feel totally differently about losing weight. It comes naturally to eat healthier, and to only eat enough until I am comfortably full. Therefore, losing weight feels comparatively effortless. I know that if I do indulge, for example at Christmas, healthy eating returns without having to think about it.

I have now lost around 10 pounds and feel positive that because I am now in charge of what I eat, I will have no trouble getting to my goal and more importantly staying there.

Pauline (Housewife from Huddersfield)

S.H. of Leeds

One session of weight loss hypnotherapy (in August 2010) was enough for this client from Harrogate as she explains in her letter at the end of October: 

Dear Julie,

Just wanted to let you know how I got on after my session with yourself in August.

Immediately after the session it was like a switch had been pressed, and I no longer had or still have, cravings for 'bad' foods! I am still eating healthily and have now lost about 9lbs, which for me is pretty good going, as it usually comes off much slower, and most of that was in the first 6 weeks.

I have recently started exercising too, which hopefully will help lose the last few pounds to get me to my target. I feel much happier with myself, and have a whole new wardrobe to wear (well an old one that fits comfortably or is now too big!)

Thanks for your help, I had my reservations, but it was certainly worth it.

Thanks again Julie

Kind Regards


Susan Hemingway

I visited Julie Woodcock for weight loss hypnotherapy.I booked the course of 4 sessions. I was desperate, as I had tried everything, all the slimming clubs, slimming tables and fad diets like eating soup for every meal. I would start every day on a diet but by lunchtime I was off it, so I would eat everything in sight and start again the next day.

So as you can imagine my weight was increasing every week. I felt that food was ruling my life and I lived to eat not ate to live. I also couldn’t leave food on my plate. As a child I was always told to finish every meal, which I continued to do as I got older. I would also finish off food in the fridge, I thought I’d rather eat it than throw it out when the sell by date was up.

Julie helped me change all this. I no longer feel guilty leaving food on my plate or throwing out of date food away.

I now feel in control of my eating. I don’t think of it as being on a diet, just eating what I need and not what I want. I don’t deprive myself of anything I want but I eat it in moderation now and I also drink lots of water which helps. So far I have lost a stone in weight – it has come off at about 2lbs a week which is fine by me.I feel much better and in control of my eating. My craving for sweets and biscuits has gone and I can now say “no thank you”, and mean it.

I was also suffering from vertigo which Julie incorporated into one of the sessions and I have to say it helped a lot, after the session I was fine. It did come back but after a couple of days it went again and hasn’t come back since. I am really glad I went to see Julie and I know in the future if I feel I’m going to my old ways she will be there to help me.

Susan Hemingway

Alaine from Manchester

Alaine came over from Manchester to see me after her brother and husband both successfully stopped smoking:

Dear Julie,

I would like to thank you for the session we had on food and image. I was literally addicted to sweets when I walked in and was eating a lot of cakes and crisps. My main concern was the damage I was doing to my health in the long-term and the sugar highs and lows I kept experiencing! I know I did a lot of emotional eating and couldn't seem to say no to goodies!

However since our session I have changed my eating habits for good. We no longer have cakes in the fridge and it does not bother me at all – it doesn't cross my mind to even buy them. I also say no to the big pile of sweets we have at work all the time now. I still have the odd treat but I feel like I do it by choice rather than need - when I get stressed or bored I tend to reach for my bottle of water than the bag of sweets and am eating much more fruit and vegetables.

I think long term I will be so glad I did this. Even in the short term feel much better for not having the sugar highs and lows all day long from constant snacking.

Thank you


Wendy Blackburn

Wendy Blackburn from Huddersfield saw me for weight loss during the summer of 2009:

Dear Julie,

Just a note to thank you for helping me to lose weight. I have tried every diet going in the past without lasting success and always feeling deprived of the foods I loved.

Since having your course of hypnotherapy I have lost in 8 weeks a stone and I am still losing at a steady 1 to 2lb a week. Not once have I felt I was on a diet or felt deprived of cakes and chocolate as I have not wanted them. To me this is great as I have a very slow metabolism. Another bonus is that I don't want to snack in between meals as I don't get hunger pangs.

I would recommend anyone trying to lose weight to have your course. It will be the best gift they can give themselves. Not only will it make getting to the dress size they want easier, but they will feel so much better in their selves and their health will improve as well as their confidence.

Thank you again for the gift you gave me that helped me to attain what I thought for me was impossible.



Marion Wytcherley

Marion Wytcherley came to see me for her first session at the beginning of June 2009. She lost 2 stone during June and July then set off for her summer holiday home with her husband and son: 

Booking to see Julie was one of my best decisions I ever made! I had three sessions before going on holiday for six weeks in the summer hols. Most people would worry about piling on the two stone already lost with Julie but I wasn't worried!

After loading her hypnotherapy CD onto my ipod off I went. I’m writing this whilst on holiday and I have not eaten any 'wrong' foods or even felt like I've been denied myself anything as I've passed ice cream and pastry shops every couple of metres.

How incredible! Whenever I have dieted before I've failed - believe me I have run the diet treadmill many times, this time though it's stuck. My lifestyle and my whole way of thinking has changed and as a by-product I am off my anti depressants. Cool.

I would truly tell all my friends and people I don't know (and I already have) that Julie's hypnotherapy works.

If you feel unhappy for any reason, book to see Julie what've you got to lose?

p.s don't know how much more weight I have lost as there are no scales - but all the clothes I packed are now too big.

Marion Wytcherley

Tom of Otley

Tom sent this by e-mail in July 2009:

I'm 58 and have a sedentary but very stressful job (I'm an accountant in practice).I've been overweight virtually all my life.I've tried diets, some of which worked (eg the Cambridge Diet) BUT they're "diets" – once I came off them the weight went back on (and then some!) because I didn't change the way I eat.

In 2007 I stopped smoking (after 35+ years) – which was good, but meant I put on MORE weight.By July 2008 I was 16 stone 10 – and there it might have stayed if I hadn't met Ruth of Otley (see testimonial!) in the supermarket car park . . . I hadn't seen her for a while, and she looked GREAT – and she recommended me to consult Julie.

After three sessions and six months I'd lost over three stone – didn't feel "deprived" – did lots more exercise and looked forward to it – and felt better than I had done for years.

People talk a load of hooey about hypnosis – fear of being controlled, etc, etc.In fact it's just the opposite – it gives you back control so that you can decide what you're going to do and how you’re going to feel and look.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to change their life to see Julie and give it a go!

Tom of Otley

Rachel P

Rachel tells her story about her experiences with hypnotherapy here for weight loss and also for stopping smoking (see link at the bottom of this piece):

Today is 27th February 2009. I am 34 and I have just crossed a huge psychological barrier. Having just finished my hypnosis CD (a Stress Relief CD given free to all clients) I felt it was time to share my latest hypnosis experience.

I am not new to Julie’s work. I first visited her 2 years ago to stop smoking and I am now a non-smoker and I’ll be a non-smoker the rest of my life.

I visited her 6 months after that for confidence hypnosis and felt great again, especially as I had been dreading my brother’s wedding. I hated having my photo taken. However, this hypnosis did not solve the underlying problem.

As a child I was very thin and a faddy eater. I had been bullied at school from a very early age because my mother was morbidly obese. At 10 years old everything changed. I became severely ill and nearly died. I weighed less than 3 stone. One of my strongest memories was when a nurse left a shepherd’s pie in my room while she checked if I was still nil by mouth and then took it away again. This is where the issues began and as I recovered I ate and ate and was encouraged to do so.

I am now a mum with a history of obsessive exercising and dieting that resulted in my weight swinging from between 7.25 and 16 stone. I now have polycystic ovaries and recently injured my spine resulting in surgery, which makes exercise painful. With medical problems I figured that I was going to have to just put up with being 'The fat one'. I was desperately miserable. Just after Christmas this year I phoned Julie again and I knew within minutes I was doing the right thing.

I went to Julie six weeks ago a binger; someone who always finished off the kids’ meals and ate when I was bored or upset. I was really sceptical despite having stopped smoking. I wanted it far more than stopping smoking but thought that nothing would change my love-hate relationship with food. We talked about all of my habits. I felt emotional but felt that maybe I was turning a corner. Initially I said I’d be happy at 12 stone but then realised 10 stone was where I really wanted to be. The best thing about going to Julie is that she NEVER lays any judgments on you and knows exactly what questions to ask so you don’t leave important things out.

I always find hypnosis a very intense (and immensely relaxing) experience and that day was no different. Afterwards I floated back through town, still very sceptical but really relaxed.

This morning I weighed myself and nearly fell through the floor when I saw my weight BELOW 12 stone for the first time in 10 years.

So what is different?

I love food and hate exercise. I told Julie I didn’t want to give up my pleasures (wine and nice things to eat) and that I hated the gym. I still eat the things I like but in small portions, in fact, often I serve myself a (smaller) portion and then end up passing some of it to my husband because I don’t really want it. If I fancy something naughty I have a very small amount and feel happy at that.

I can have crisps and sweets in the house and don’t touch them even when I am getting my period!!

I drink loads of water and have given up coffee (that was my choice not part of the hypnosis). My skin feels soft.

I get full very quickly.

I go to bed on a night and realise I have watched TV and not eaten anything.

I walk all over the place and I made a playlist for my MP3 of my favourite dancing tunes and I dance around the lounge for ½ hour if I haven’t done anything much for the day. This has the added bonus of boosting my mood too.

If I feel a bit low I listen to the CD Julie gave me.

My sense of guilt towards food is dissipating.

When I drink with friends I don’t stuff myself with food when I get back or try to mop up the hangover with carbs and grease.

I could go on but there seems to be too many changes to list . . .

Now, 6 weeks on today, I passed the 12 stone hurdle and did a little victory dance to myself again. Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t quite believe it’s this easy some days, but the longer it goes on the more I believe I might achieve my goal of 10 stone. I have finally begun telling friends (the results are clearly visible now) and I feel confident again. I don’t know when I will phone Julie for my free follow-up. I might keep going a while yet.

I write this account for anyone that feels they have too many medical reasons or emotional hurdles for it to work and can hand-on-heart say my life is immeasurably different now thanks to Julie. I am Rachel again and it feels like the sun is shining. So have a little faith.  I’m really glad I did."


Michelle of Leeds

Michelle from Leeds has a busy life. She juggles her career travelling across the UK with caring for her young daughter. Over the past ten years she had gained 4 stones and was ready to lose it all and get back to her slim and healthy target weight. She came to see me for a package deal of 4 sessions.

Thanks for all your help and support Julie – this is the first time ever that I have been away on a 2 week holiday and returned home 5lbs lighter! I left each session feeling positive and in control.

I had got into the habit of being too busy to eat breakfast, missing meals then eating crisps and pastries. After my first session I took back control of my eating habits and started exercising and lost 10lbs by my second session!

An unexpected added bonus was that I found the sessions extremely relaxing and they gave me the confidence to address other issues which were getting in the way of my success. Thanks again for your help – I still have a way to go in terms of actual weight loss but feel about 3 stones lighter mentally!


Sue L of Leeds

Sue L is a busy professional woman with her own business. She came to me for weight loss and healthy eating sessions in August and September 2008.

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for all your time, effort, ingenious ideas and most of all your patience (of which you displayed an abundance) during my sessions of weight loss. I can honestly say I enjoyed them and found them most beneficial.

When I look back I have for most of my life had a strange relationship with food and always felt out of control. I have tried just about every diet that has ever been published. I have visited herbalists, homeopaths and taken food supplements. Some of them I lost weight with and some I didn't. I was always unable to adhere to any plan long enough to really make a significant difference weight-wise. I have always thought that my problem was psychological and when I heard through a friend how you had helped someone she knew I thought this could really work for me.  

I returned from a cruise a few weeks ago and was absolutely delighted at not putting on any weight. You told me I would not eat sweets, chocolate, cakes or biscuits. I must admit that I did think at the time I needed something of a miracle ........ but no! I did not eat any of those foods.

I have now completed my last session and I now feel much calmer around food. I feel sure I will continue to lose weight and remain in control. I honestly feel that if I can achieve this control then anyone with your help can do the same.

Thank you once again and should I ever feel that "I am losing the plot" I will not hesitate to contact you for a top up session.

Sue L


Tracy of Huddersfield

Tracy from Huddersfield is a mum of two working full time. She came for three sessions in May and June 2008. She wrote this just before her free follow-up session in August. She has lost 1 stone 4lbs in 12 weeks – a healthy 1-2lbs a week and is well on the way to reaching her target weight – without dieting!

I first started looking at different ways to lose weight last year so I could fit into my little black dress at Christmas. Christmas came and went and I was still getting bigger, now up to 12 stone 4 lb. I’d tried various diets, but found them difficult to follow, as I am quite a faddy eater – I didn’t like vegetables at all! I snacked all the time, on biscuits, crisps chocolate and cake. I drank nearly a litre of diet coke a day, and realised that this had to stop, but how?

I saw Julie’s website and read it a few times. It took me until May to contact her. I kept thinking this could never work. At my first session, we talked about what I did, what I liked and disliked, then I was hypnotised. While that was happening I remember thinking, this is never going to work, as I could hear everything Julie said, and my mind kept wandering to other things. At one point I had to tell myself to concentrate and listen to what Julie was saying. Then I was aware of Julie counting backwards and when she said open your eyes, I suddenly realised I had been hypnotised!

I went home and that night I went to the supermarket. Did the usual shop, or what I thought was a usual one, got home and started to unpack. I realised then and there, I had bought no biscuits, or my usual cream slices, and I had bought more fruit than I usually do. After I put the shopping away I used to sit down have a cup of tea and eat the 2 cream slices I had bought. I had my cup of tea, and didn't even miss not having my cream slices. I simply didn't want them. That night I watched TV without the biscuit tin on my lap, but I didn't feel like I wanted one and I didn't feel deprived like you do when you diet.

This continued but I was still eating crisps, but not on the same scale as I was. I mentioned this to Julie at my next session. We worked on this, and by the time I got home, I just didn't want crisps, I could have them if I wanted them, because they were there in my cupboard, but I just didn't.

I now drink lots of water, and I don't drink diet coke at all in fact coke tastes quite strange now and I can’t imagine why I ever drank it before. Instead of picking vegetables out of a meal, I eat them without even realising it, it’s only when someone else comments that, for example, I have eaten peppers in a stir fry that I realise I do like them. Through the hypnotherapy and using a technique Julie taught me to use at home I now eat peppers, red onions raw in salads and cooked onions, carrots and broccoli!

Julie has really helped me to cut back on the things that are no good for me, and put me on the right road to healthy eating.

I started to lose a steady 1 to 2 lb between each session, and by the time I went on holiday I was 11stone. My goal is to be 8 stone 7lb by the end of the year, so this Christmas I can wear that little black dress!!!


Sharon from Leeds

Sharon is a Lecturer at Leeds University – working with a number of my clients! She came for a package of 3 sessions at the end of 2007 and a follow-up in January 2008. This is her story:

Like many people I had always been very sceptical of hypnotherapy however when a friend of mine started to lose weight with no effort I decided it would be worth giving it a go after all nothing else had worked!

I decided before my first session that I wasn’t really that bothered about losing weight. What I really wanted was to break the bad habits I’d formed over a lifetime . . . snacking at work, no breakfast, no fruit, being bored - so eating. At my first session Julie asked how much water I drank . . . I’m afraid my reaction was 'well don’t they make Diet coke with it!' Yes I’m afraid that’s all I used to drink, about 1.5litres a day!

Since that very first session I have not touched a drop of Diet Coke and while for many that might seem nothing special, just ask my family and friends who'd rarely seen me without a bottle in my hand!Alongside that I am no longer snacking and really thinking about whether I’m hungry before reaching for the snacks . . . most of the time I find I’m not. It’s simply been habit.

So thanks a million Julie. I truly am converted to the powers that hypnotherapy can bring and if it works for me and the Diet Coke then it really can work for anyone.



RMS of Harrogate

RMS of Harrogate attended a full weight loss package and e-mailed this in July 2008:

Like most of Julie’s clients I was recommended. So I decided to go and get myself ‘sorted out’ and it worked! I have never been sceptical about looking at alternative therapy but sometimes wonder if it will last. I don’t particularly want to go into my personal details but I felt that I had worked myself into a corner with a very stressful job, a busy lifestyle, a demanding family (not all in a bad way) and a desire to do it all well. This resulted in a very unhealthy way of life continually feeling stressed, too much alcohol, smoking and much more. Through the sessions with Julie I have managed to get control of my life. I started to feel the results straight away.

I play my CD regularly which helps us ‘clients’ more than we realise to maintain those results. No matter how many times I listen I always hear something different. I have lost a small amount of weight as I only wanted to lose a stone and I have cut down on my smoking. I think that I should explain that I told Julie that I did not want to give up smoking (she did not judge me on that) but reducing the stress has meant that I smoke less.

Now 6 months later I am still on the straight and narrow. My next task is to try and persuade my son to attend but he is a sceptic!



Jay of Leeds

Jay of Leeds came to see me for a series of three sessions through May 2008:  

I, like most people reading this, have been on almost every fad diet ever published with varied success. However, the one thing that has happened, without fail, the weight has piled back on and usually a little more at the same time!

When I logged on to Julie’s website I had lots in common with her other clients. Excess weight makes me feel less confident and generally unhappy with myself and I would find an excuse not to do something because I felt uncomfortable in my clothes. I always had 3 different sizes in my wardrobe so although they are full of clothes I can only wear a third of them at any one time!

On my first visit to see Julie I was not quite sure what to expect but felt sure I needed to change my unhealthy relationship with food.

I have to say that most of the time I did find the changes easy to follow and very logical. Without really thinking about it I even started to cook healthy recipes once I got organised! I have more energy and I don’t deprive myself of anything. I just have a little bit less the next day to balance out any over indulgence!

I don’t beat myself up any more and have a much more rational approach to food and eating. I also feel that this new way of life is sustainable and that I am back in control.

Jay of Leeds 

Tina of Leeds

Semi-retired specialist nurse Tina from Leeds started her "Special Offer Package Deal" of weight loss sessions in the middle of December 2007. Her second session was a month later and at the beginning of April 2008 this was her feedback:

Having tried various ways and resources to lose weight, I noticed how good a friend of mine looked now she had lost weight and she told me about the course of hypnotherapy she had with Julie.

I decided to give it a go, thinking not much would happen! But to my surprise it has worked and now I am well on the way to my goal weight – to lose a stone and a half.

My first appointment was before Christmas and I went away on holiday for the Christmas break - but after 4 weeks at my second appointment I had lost 4lbs. I had avoided biscuits and chocolates even over Christmas and had drunk less wine too!

I now don’t feel the need to nibble at snacks even when they are available at social gatherings and parties – and I eat smaller meals more often.

I have been on holiday recently yet have still lost just under a stone since mid-December and expect to reach my goal weight very soon!

Tina, Leeds 

Julie T of Halifax

Julie T, an accountant from Halifax, came for series of three weight loss sessions in the Autumn of 2007. In February 2008 she sent this:

Hi Julie,

In July 2007, I was due for a review at the doctors - my blood pressure was high and I had to do something about it. I had also had a difficult 12 months after the death of my father. Not only was I a little down but at the age of 49 I was suffering from hot sweats - the start of the menopause. My doctor suggested I try Prozac for a while and lose some weight - easier said than done.

I had been thinking seriously about hypnosis but was not sure where to go. I heard about Julie through a friend who knew someone who had good results after hypnotherapy with Julie. I rang up and made an appointment in September 2007 and I have not looked back since. 

After my first visit I had a more positive outlook on life. I lost weight, then Julie treated me for hot sweats. By my 3rd visit I had stopped taking Prozac and I was still losing weight. By the beginning of December I had lost 13lbs, my blood pressure was back to normal and NO MORE hot sweats. Even over Christmas I managed without gaining weight. 

In January, I was called to do Jury service and I got myself worked up over this so I visited Julie, after one session I found myself totally relaxed and more positive.

I am off to Barcelona shopping and sight seeing tomorrow for a few days and am really looking forward to this - a stone lighter, not worrying about my blood pressure and no more hot sweats. 

Thank you Julie. 

From Julie T. Halifax


All Testimonials on this website are opinions based on the experiences of the individual clients concerned. The same results cannot be guaranteed for everybody.

Scans of original client letters

Before we all had smartphones and talked via social media, some clients wrote to me in the old-fashioned way and posted me letters. Here are some weight loss Testimonials scans:

Christine of Huddersfield

Christine of Huddersfield

Catherine of Halifax

Catherine of Halifax

Lynda Edney

Lynda Edney