Testimonial from Colin, added in summer 2017:

Evening Julie, 

You asked me to provide you with a follow-up after our session. 

I feel that some improvements have definitely occurred, I'm sleeping better and feeling under less stress. I had a bad day at work the other day and felt a little annoyed but at no point did I heap blame onto myself which is a definite change. I spent that lunchtime in my car listening to the hypnosis track which greatly helped that day. 

I have been sitting up straighter and standing taller - so much so that I've been getting some mild neck and back ache when in a good posture which is evidence of how badly I've been carrying myself for ages! 

My wife has pointed out that I seem much more relaxed since our session and a little more focused and open. She's also pointed out that I seem to be getting more enjoyment out of things and that I'm more supportive to her and making her laugh more.

I'm delighted with things so far and I hope that I continue to in this direction. 

Thank you very much. 


Life Change

From Matt Langley in summer 2017:

Hi Julie,

A massive thank you to you for nailing everything with me and helping me deal with the demons that I had and what I called them. For once in my life I’m looking forward and so, so, so excited what my future will hold because I just know it’s going to be great! 

Matt Langley


This lady was getting bad tempered with her elderly mother-in-law and then beating herself up about reacting in such a way. One session seems to have helped!

Hello Julie,

Well, what a difference! Today was the first time I met my mother-in-law since my session. As I drove to her house there was none of the old heaviness inside, or sinking feeling. 

Seems like my whole persona has changed - all my responses to her were different - but in a natural way - without any effort or clenching of teeth. I was just the person I had wanted to be with her.



Confidence & Presentation

Bill saw me to deal with confidence and presentation issues before an interview:

Hi Julie,

Just to let you know the interview went really well this afternoon, the 40 min presentation ending up lasting nearly an hour and a half as the MD kept interjecting to agree with me! He also commented that "the presentation was fantastic" and that "I was obviously a very confident person." 

I still don't know if I want the position, but regardless, I achieved exactly what I wanted and felt as though I "smashed it out of the park!" 

I listened to the CD twice last night and slept very well, I was a little nervous this morning, but lumpy red knot in my stomach was more like a smooth pink wave with butterflies dancing on it!

Thank you for your help. 

Best Regards



Neil originally e-mailed me seeking help with a range of problems. In his e-mail he listed depression, nervousness, anxiety, self-consciousness, sleep problems, social phobia, eating disorder, lack of confidence and shyness.

At his first session it became clear that the sleep problems and eating issues were having the physical affect on Neil of making him feel anxious and depressed and the other issues were a knock-on effect.

I helped Neil to review his eating patterns and habits as he was eating badly and missing meals. We then looked at how he could change his habits in the evenings to help him sleep better – reducing computer use and "preparing" to sleep.

After one session Neil wrote:

I've definitely been sleeping better and also my eating habits have improved very much. I've noticed a big difference in myself already thanks. It seems to be going well. 

After a second session Neil wrote this:

It seems to be going well. Negative thoughts have been replaced by positive ones. For the first time in a very long time I'm looking forward to the future that lies ahead of me.

Many thanks


Presentation Skills

In her mid-twenties, Hannah got a new role and was very worried about giving presentations. The finger-thumb technique she refers to is an NLP anchoring technique which can change how your feel in an instant!

Hi Julie, 

Just to update you...

The presentation went absolutely fantastically. I was very calm and in control. I didn't even need to use the finger-thumb technique to remain calm. I have been practicing this technique and listening to the CD you provided regularly. I have changed my posture and appear to be wearing heeled shoes more often. I feel I'm more confident, relaxed and positive. I just feel really comfortable in myself, if that makes sense. 

Therefore, I would just like to thank you so much for your help.


Fear of Flying

Becky writes on behalf of her mother Elaine, who saw me about fear of flying:

Hi Julie,

I am writing this on behalf of my mother Elaine Hollingworth, she has asked me to drop you a line to let you know how very grateful she was to you for helping her to overcome her fear of flying. 

Mum has for many years now had to take medication to enable her to fly but was still extremely anxious weeks before the flight and because of the fear was unable to enjoy any break for the fear of flying back! After she came to see you her fear has now disappeared and is able to fly and more importantly is able to enjoy her breaks away as she no longer worries about the return flight.

Mum is due to return to you for treatment for a separate problem but she is more than confident that she will walk away from your office more than happy with your service and the outcome of her problem.

As her daughter I saw a huge change in mum and am hoping the same happens this time, so many thanks.

Becky Clemence x

Issues with Noise

Garry Auty originally emailed asking for help with what he described as an "anxiety/anger issue with noise". He said that "for most people I’m sure it’s just everyday background noise but I seem to be tuned into it and can’t seem to block it out. It is tormenting me and I no longer feel in control."

Three weeks later Garry was able to write this:

Hi Julie,

I just wanted check in and let you know that since visiting you on the 12th Feb I've definitely felt much better about noise. I know it's still there and I hear it but I just brush it off and carry on with my day. I'd say that if when I came to you it was at level 10, it's now easily at 3! I don't think I've felt anxious about it either which is such a relief and I have not even had to use the tapping method you showed me.

So I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU and to let you know I will be recommending you to any of my family or friends who could benefit from a session with you.

Kind regards

Garry Auty :-)


Testimonial from Edafe Onherhime:

After many years of putting off studying for professional qualifications that would really help my career, I came to see Julie one freezing night in January. I was at my wits end with procrastinating and not pursuing my goals. It seemed very unusual for me as I was incredibly driven as a young woman. As I got older, bad habits started to form like eating all the wrong things and not taking care of myself properly. I knew I needed help when traditional CBT and self-help books just didn't help.

My sessions with Julie were a revelation as to just how much I'd fallen into the habit of making excuses for not going for what I wanted. Even before the hypnosis, I could see that I needed a good, hard look at my life and my dreams. That's how clarifying talking with Julie is. The hypnosis and NLP then helped seal the deal and helped me accept deep down that I could pass my exams and improve myself. This gave me the confidence to put my plans into action.

A week later, I decided to take an exam I had been putting off for a long time. When I booked it, I was given an offer to re-take the exam if I failed. I revised and sat the exam as quickly as I could, safe in the knowledge that it wouldn't be the end of the world if I failed. I was pleasantly surprised to pass and now have 2 more to go. I'm finding motivation easier to come by because I'm doing more of things I want to and less of the things I don't. My little victories are building into bigger victories and the techniques recommended by Julie have made a huge difference in my life. When things go wrong, I find it much easier to dust myself off, carry on and keep smiling.

Seeing Julie was the best investment in myself for 2013 and beyond. I'm glad I did.

Edafe Onherhime


Richard came to see me to help overcome anxiety issues:

Dear Julie,

Thanks for the work you did with me last year (anxiety). It did the trick! I feel more in control now, despite life's ups and downs!

The EFT you also introduced to me has been useful, not only in controlling anxiety. But also getting shut of an absolutely awful toothache I had the other week.

I really appreciate your professional approach, which is so important, now so many people are jumping on the (alternative) band wagon - you are NOT one of these and I would recommend you to almost anyone with issues that needed to be dealt with.

Best Wishes


Loud Noises

Hi Julie,

Just thought I would send you an email to let you know how things are going etc. 

In a word... 'wonderful'! 

My daughters want to know who I am and what have you done with the old mum.

To cover the last session first if I may - this was the one where we tried to sort out my eating habits and break some cravings. Well it has taken VERY well. I just don't fancy some stuff any more. My best friend is now water (even though it can be expected in this heat) and I more often than not want a bowl of salad for lunch (and a small one at that) and feel horrid if I do overindulge. So I have a quick 'tap' to forgive myself and on I go. Early days yet but I feel very optimistic. 

My previous sessions regarding my anxiety and fear concerning loud/unpleasant noises had bedded in very nicely too. I am no longer afraid and am a lot more comfortable in my own home. Having to have open windows in a street with fractious young children has been a test but I have passed with flying colours. I wish I could explain to others how it feels or in fact how it doesn't feel - it really does feel like you have switched certain buttons off and turned some on. I find it very easy to look upon stress now objectively and can easily help myself feel better quickly.

I recommend the use of tapping and it is another mind quiz as it were... I don't know how it works (well now I do because I have read up on it) but it does.

I found the other day I had my old 'flippy tummy' after putting up with a furniture throwing row from next door.. I tapped a few times but it didn't really shift - then I realised I wasn't afraid or anxious about it. I was tapping the WRONG feeling! I was so used to feeling that way I immediately went for that. Once I realised I was just a little worried for each of them (as I know they are both as bad as each-other next door) I tapped to move the worry on. It worked and then I sent them a little prayer/blessing too to help smooth the atmosphere. What a difference from the old me! Who would be fractious, jittery and unable to sit still. The old me would have taken days to calm herself.. now I am totally back to normal within hours if not minutes. That was a real test - also passed with merits!

Thank you Julie, I know noise issues was a bit different from the norm but you sorted me out beautifully. I really appreciate your help and your wisdom too. You have really made a difference to me and I know my family can really see the difference. I now know that it is silly to keep battling your head - sometimes it gets in a muddle and you are just the person to sort it!

Thanks again Julie - I will keep in touch if that's okay. 

Amanda xx

Fear of Swallowing Objects

Jane came to see me because of a fear of swallowing imaginary objects, which she had had for many years. This is her testimonial:

For over 30 years I had occasionally woken abruptly in the night in a highly distressed state convinced that I had swallowed something which had become 'stuck' in my oesophagus. The feeling was not one of choking rather that I was not going to be able to breathe. Over the years the items 'swallowed' included my purse, candles, socks and even the phone – landline not mobile!

During the daytime I did not experience this feeling with such intensity but would occasionally feel a slight claustrophobia or have to consciously work at breathing regularly. I have no memory of any unpleasant experience relating to these feelings. It was not effecting my everyday life . . . until I went to the dentist in late summer 2005. During a prolonged root canal treatment I suddenly became convinced I was going to swallow the x-ray plate in my mouth. The panic was real and very frightening – for my dentist too!

A few weeks later I needed more treatment but was unable to face it. My dentist told me that some of her other patients had successfully tried hypnotherapy with Julie, to overcome dentalphobia – my fear was different but I thought it was worth trying . . . I did not want to swallow my dentist!

I enjoyed my session with Julie. Her explanation about the unconscious mind remembering bad habits resonated with what I had been experiencing. I did wonder about the 'tapping' and 'chanting' (Emotional Freedom Technique EFT) but in fact have used that on numerous occasions over the past year. I left the session feeling very hopeful.

My dental appointment was the following week. I arrived in quite an anxious state as I felt that all my eggs were in one basket . . . what if it did not work? I employed the EFT in the waiting room where thankfully there was no-one else.

The dental procedure began and when it reached the stage where I had panicked the previous time a calmness came over me and the very clear, rational thought came into my head – 'Don't be stupid it's impossible to swallow these things they are too big' and everything was fine.

I left the dentist feeling quite liberated.

Thank you

Jane (Leeds)


Life Change

One of my favourite Testimonials received over the many years I’ve been in business. To quote Caroline's e-mail to me in August 2009: "It's an epic but a heartfelt and important thing for me to have got down in words." 

The summer of change

This summer I just had a feeling that my life was ready for a shift, a change. I knew that there were patterns of behaviour for me that have been happening for most of my life for a number of reasons, the main ones being the sudden death of my mum when I was 9, the re-marriage of my dad, and later on in my mid thirties the major split up of a long term relationship, leaving me as a single parent of a 3 year old and a 3 day old baby.

At various points in my life I have had counselling and I knew in my heart of hearts that 'I’d been there, got the t shirt,' and that there was something else that I needed just to help me to get rid of some deep set issues regarding my self esteem as a result of these major traumatic experiences and abandonment. Issues that I knew were holding me back as a parent, friend and partner, and could potentially damage good relationships. I knew I had to take responsibility, control but I didnt really know how to do it.

My great friend Anna has said for a number of years that hypnosis had worked on her, but I had put the idea on the 'back burner' until recently. Having also admitted to myself that I have become slightly deaf in one ear and decided, in January, that teaching small children in school was becoming increasingly stressful, I took the plunge, I swallowed my pride, I got the hearing aid. For some reason being only 40 with one was a big issue for me. That in itself helped, but it didnt stop the utter 'stress out times' both at home and school that I had been putting down to not hearing properly and tiredness. I have also been having  major ongoing incidents regarding my neighbour which I was struggling to deal with. Time to make a change.

So this summer I chose Julie. I rang first. (I recommend this, it was the initial chat that really helped). Her liveliness, enthusiasm and sheer belief in the treatment compelled me to go. I didnt really know what she meant by NLP but I looked into it, made the appointment and thought I'd give it a go. I was lucky to have a period of time in the summer when my kids were on holiday with their dad so I had time to really think and reflect on the effects of the treatment with Julie without having to deal with anyone else. It was me time. It felt exciting . . . but a bit scarey.

I needed practical help, manageable, clear ways to help me to help myself. Not just for now, for the moment, but for the rest of my days. This is what I now seem to have. It's incredible. The phrase that stands out is 'make the most of what we have got.' I like that phrase. It made sense. Everything Julie said to me I understood. I sat there thinking 'oh yes . . . of course . . . why couldnt I have thought of that! Why cant I make myself see in that way?!'

Through the NLP, Julie really helped to make me laugh, to consider situations and feelings towards people and events present and past from a different perspective. She taught me visualisation techniques to make problems and people seem less frightening, how to use the anchoring technique, emotional freedom techniques, all manageable and memorable.

All the issues I discussed were then summarised in the hypnosis session. It was a truly incredible, moving experience, especially when she actually asked my subconscious mind if I was ready to stop the learned behaviour and accept new ways of being. The emotional release was so powerful, so overwhelming I burst into tears in the session. And then I couldn't stop smiling. I am a very visual person anyway, but the images that I have in my head of myself and people since then have been really quite powerful. My creative side has just been re released. Amazing.

During the hypnosis session I realised that I have been feeling like I have been trapped under water at the deep end of a pool for years, trying to communicate to people, doing ok but not really being able to get through to people or to hear properly. I had a profound image of bursting through the water surface and breathing, lying on a hot rock in the sun and warming myself, flat out like a star fish, smiling, just beaming all over. And this feeling just hasn't really gone away.

It's funny, I came out of the session feeling really tired, armed with my bottle of water and time to myself to reflect and I have continued to reflect. And I realise that my sense of urgency has gone, that I dont seem to get as flustered, stressed, like I have emerged, I can breathe, see, hear, relax. I feel truly centred, like my bitterness and sharp edge has gone, like my glass is brimming not half empty. I feel like I have been driving an automatic car for years and someone has given me a geared car to drive but that I can drive it because, well, I just know I can.

I actually look people in the eye, strangers in shops, I seem to feel OK to engage and smile properly, like I am allowed to be there. I seem to have lost that panic, that shot feeling, that inevitable sense of things ending because that's what happens to me. I got a parking ticket and I didn't flip out, I got verbally abused by my someone and stood up to them.

I have begun the de-clutter process at home which has been a long time coming. I feel in control. It feels great. And if I can't cope, I seem to know how to make myself feel better. And I dont feel I need to check everything out 100 times with 100 different people. It's a revelation and I would recommend it to anyone. I actually think that part of my deafness has been an emotional inability to hear. Partially. Wow.

I just know that I will never look back. I can't explain why I know, I just do. And for me to be able to say that I know this is one amazing change. I'm not even scared that I will slip back. Something inside me has healed, forgiven, accepted, floated away. And a fire, a warmth, a centred feeling has emerged. I truly believe that I am worth looking after, that I don't deserve to be walked on. And I know that people around me can see a difference.

And I am buzzing, not all the time, but hey that's life. I am still amazed with the change in my outlook on life. Together with the daily use of the self hypnosis CD, I am finding ways that make me feel so much better. And I love it,  I just love it.


Presentation & Confidence

Having been brought up that children should be seen and not heard, I have always been a quietly spoken person unable to feel confident in voicing my thoughts at work. Twice a year, my job requires me to do training presentations to groups of 100 people plus. Despite doing several training courses myself on how best to present, the anxiety I felt before and during these was unbearable. I would feel sick with worry, unable to sleep for weeks up to the build up. On the actual day I would be shaking and perspiring and my voice would disappear.

I came to Julie and we talked through the issues I had. The tips she gave me were far better than I received on any presentation skills course. Afterwards, I was amazed at how powerful her treatment was! Now, whenever I feel slightly anxious, I listen to the CD that she gave me just before I go to sleep. Without fail this enables me to fall into a deep and restful sleep and I wake up feeling confident that I can cope with anything. Giving presentations now does not phase me in the slightest, and I am also a lot more out spoken. I am so grateful to Julie for transforming my life.

Sophie, 32

Textile Designer


Recruitment Consultant Anya came to see me in May 2008:

I had recently been in a very turbulent relationship that knocked my confidence for six and was giving me problems in my current relationship. I didn't know where to turn, my family and partner are extremely supportive but nothing they said went in. I am a recruitment consultant and deal with and speak to hundreds of people on a daily basis and I am extremely confident at work but not in my personal life. I started to think about going to see a counsellor but didn't feel it would work for me.

After searching on the Internet for alternative ideas, I came across Julie's website and read a testimonial from a lady with a similar problem. I sent Julie an email and she replied saying that she could help, after a long conversation on the phone I was booked in for two sessions.

After my first session I felt on top of the world, somehow I had managed to let go of the past but still take good experiences from what happened. The tapping didn't really work for me but the NLP anchoring technique that Julie taught me really helped. My relationship with my current partner improved dramatically and I didn't get upset about trivial things.

After my second session these feelings just became more and more intense. I am now the strong, confident person that I used to be and I am enjoying living my life like I should do. All those little things that I used to get stressed about or have those feelings of insecurity about seem so irrelevant now in the grand scheme of things.

Julie has helped me to feel excited and positive about what the future holds for me, life is not about luck it's about the choices you make. I am so pleased I made the choice to seek advice and help from Julie. Thank you so much Julie and I hope many more people take my advice to come and see you.


Nail Biting

David was referred to me by a client who had stopped smoking. His problem was biting his nails.  With a professional job David was really unhappy with his unsightly nails. David wrote this in June 2006:

Dear Julie,

Just after Easter, I came to you with a severe nail-biting habit.

After the first session with you, I have completely stopped the nail-biting, without difficulty or frustration.  I've waited until now, two months on, in order to let you know how I'm doing to ensure that the habit doesn't return.  It hasn't!  My nails, once so bad that the length of skin beyond the nail to the finger-tip was longer than the actual nail, are now far neater, more presentable and no longer a source of embarrassment. 

Thank you very much!



Since 2002, I’ve probably seen more clients for anxiety when it comes to Stress and Phobia than anything else.

A client from Leeds in her late 20s (who wished to remain anonymous) came to see me in September 2005 to, in her words "overcome anxiety, to gain confidence, to worry less and to have a more open and less rigid outlook on life".

She had already tried anti-depressants, acupuncture and Reiki and had seen another hypnotherapist.

I first sent her the CD she uses for all her clients – a Stress Relief self-hypnosis session.

At the first appointment I used hypnosis and NLP techniques to help rid her of guilt issues and taught her EFT – emotional freedom technique (identified by her below as "tapping").

She continued to use EFT for herself and returned for a confidence boosting hypnotherapy session two weeks later.

In January 2006 this is what she wrote:

I would like to thank Julie for her help in helping free me from a world of anxiety and worry. I am now a happier and more confident person as a result of my time with Julie. I can whole-heartedly recommend the ‘tapping’ technique and regular use of the CD Julie gave me.

Presentation Skills

Mr Kaye of Leeds holds a senior management position where part of his role is to make presentations to major clients. The high-profile nature of the role, and the pressure to "get it right" was beginning to cause him to feel stressed, on occasions developing into full panic attacks.

His one and a half hour session included an explanation of why he was experiencing these feelings; teaching him techniques that he could use to help him remove negative feelings and replace them with positive ones, and an hypnosis session to promote relaxation and control.

Following our session I attended a two day networking workshop with other senior managers to promote our global business within the company.  Over the two days I typically took charge, (without annoying the other team members), and co-ordinated my team presentations.  Interestingly enough I was nervous but could handle it without the fear of running out of the room like a man possessed. 

In total I gave five presentations and found that I could think and present clearly. Not only making good eye contact but also assessing the mood of the audience and modifying the material to suit.  I am sure you will agree that this is a massive improvement. I am looking forward to developing further and have been accepted on an internal course developing presentation skills.

A few things happened that I though you may be interested in.  My team won a prize for best presentation I was told that it was so obvious that I was a senior manager and have made "thousands" of presentations.  If only they knew!! The interesting thing to note was that even though I was slightly nervous it never came across to the audience. Just goes to show doesn't it! I keep refreshing the experience in my mind and look forward to practising my new skills."

Fear of Flying & Heights

Helen Hughes had fear of flying and heights. See her photo below, taken in Paris after we’d addressed the issue.

After my session with Julie for heights and enclosed spaces I felt really excited about my honeymoon and being able to do things I would never have considered before. 

Flying to Paris was great and I felt able to control any minor feelings of nervousness by concentrating on relaxation techniques and taking the time to look around and enjoy the experience.

I went up the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, on the Underground and a lovely evening boat trip down the Seine. I can't explain how amazing it felt and how proud of myself I was.

My confidence grows each time I am in a situation like this and I have done more things in the last year that involved heights and small spaces than ever before.


Testimonial added from Mags in summer 2017:

Testimonial added summer 2017:

Hi Julie,

Well it's a week since I sat in your room and spoke to you about my anxieties with lifts and all enclosed spaces. Would you be able to help me? The following week has seen me go up and down in lifts and travel on a train. In the scheme of life these are not big things but in the scheme of my life with my phobia and anxieties for nearly 30 years they are massive things. 

I feel it has opened up a new lease of life for me. Small steps to start with and then move on to bigger challenges later. Maybe even a plane journey or through the Channel tunnel.

My family are amazed at my transformation. I tell them all that with your help and guidance I have and more to the point, can achieve things that have been denied to me for so long.

I can't thank you enough.

Mags X


Stress testimonial from Sue:

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to let you know that you’ve worked wonders for my stress levels. I was sat at work talking to a colleague I used to find very difficult and I realised I hadn’t even registered any kind of anxiety.

Without realising it my outlook and the way I interact with everyone has totally changed for the better. 

I still smile to myself when I realise how “empty” my head is of any anxious thoughts and that I’ve stopped overthinking (most things).

You’ve changed so much for me. Family, friends, colleagues and most importantly I have seen the changes. I’m happy I can recommend you. You’ve seen two of my colleagues so far and I can see the difference you have made to me, in them too.

Thank you!


Fear of Flying

Fear of flying testimonial from Megan Bartlett:


I hope you’re well?

Despite the fact we had our session some time ago I've only just had the chance to put all your hard work to the test.

I'm pleased to report that I've just got back from a trip to Berlin with my husband and I didn't have the usual blind panic or pre-trip terror that usually makes me the world’s worst travel companion. I cannot thank you enough and my husband even commented that it’s the first "real" holiday we've had in years.

Thank you again, Vegas here I come!

Megan Bartlett

Fear of Dogs

Radha Rathor saw Julie about her fear of dogs: 

Hi Julie,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the major life change you have made for me which I thought was impossible. 

I came to see you last year as I have had a fear of dogs since I can remember and could not pinpoint why. I was so bad that I would avoid walking and drive everywhere in case I encountered a dog in the street and had not been with my children to the park for over 3 years.

Even the drive to the park would be a nightmare in itself. I would get hot flushes, had clammy hands and my heart would be beating as though I had just run a marathon. My last experience to the park (at that point) was just mixture of screaming and tears which left me so upset and embarrassed that I vowed from that day I would never enter a park again. 

I really needed to get this sorted as I noticed my five year old daughter picking up on my reactions and I could see she was going down the same route. I was more than aware fear can ruin your life and I didn’t want my children to have to go through the same thing.

This is the reason I searched the net, to do something about it. When I came to see you Julie I felt really nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. But to be honest it is one of the most uplifting experiences of my life.

After my session I was taken over by a huge feeling of 'freeness.' I felt so relaxed and stress free. Later that day I went to the park with my husband to see whether my fear of dogs been banished from inside of me. I remember noticing that my anxiety levels where next to none and no clammy hands!! I had a great time but to my surprise there was not a dog in sight. To be honest I was slightly disappointed as I was eager to see how I would react.

Since then I have had several encounters with our friends on four legs and I can honestly say I am actually happy to be around dogs now. My children love them and that is the most reassuring thing for me. Don’t get me wrong I am still cautious around dogs I don’t know, especially when they are around my children. The fear is now cautiousness which isn’t restricting or controlling in any way.

My family and friends have noticed the change in me. Especially my husband who always had the front seat when it came to watching me having an anxiety attack and I know he is glad I had the therapy.

I also enjoy listening to the CD you gave me. I use it to wind down on an evening (and sometimes to help me get to sleep). I feel I have a more positive approach to life. I feel coming to see you has changed my way of thinking a great deal.

Again thank you for your help and support Julie. I would not have I would not have been able to achieve this without your help.

Radha Rathor


I had confidence issues when dealing with highly placed people in my workplace and prospective female partners. I had one hypnotherapy session with Julie. Initially I was sceptical and didn't think it made any difference but slowly I realised that I was talking to people whom I wouldn't dare to talk before and was having longer conversations with them rather than just a hello and slipping away.

It has certainly helped me. Would recommend to anyone. You have to be sure you want to do it and then listen to what Julie has to say. The way she explained about sub-conscious mind and how we develop our habits etc was very helpful. And it was not scary at all, as most of us think about hypnotherapy. The CD she gives is also very helpful and relaxing.

Raj Sharma


Driving Confidence

Dear Julie,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me overcome my fear of driving! I couldn't believe how insecure I felt when the excitement of passing my test had past and this unwelcome fear gripped me when driving alone, I began to question my judgement and the thought of driving just filled me with dread (as I told you in my session).

But after just one session with you I felt much calmer, I have to admit I was still slightly apprehensive on my first outing following the session but I really had no need to be! I felt more in control and my confidence levels have gone from strength to strength, I now enjoy driving so much and have visited places I would have never dared to go to!!

I really couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for helping me regain my freedom!

Yours sincerely

Shauna Atkinson

Public Speaking

Public Speaking can be one of the most frightening experiences for anyone – even those who are normally confident. This is one client’s experience:  

I am writing in response to my recent visit to see Julie in Leeds. I had a very distressful experience at work when asked to do a very simple task of introducing myself in a meeting.

Very strange as I am a very confident person but for some reason just got up and walked out of the meeting. For a number of years I have dodged various situations due to my negative experience. But like most things it eventually catches up and I had to face my public speaking fear in probably one of the most intense situations - Crown Court. I would just like to add I was not the criminal but a key witness.

Like anyone with a fear I had tried every method - mainly avoidance - and went to see Julie as an act of desperation as my anxiety coming closer to my court appearance was ridiculous.

Due to my circumstances Julie agreed to see me at very short notice. I found Julie to be very calm and relaxing and explained everything in its simplest term.

Now to the best bits! I went into the hypnosis session and was conscious of everything Julie asked me to do and was always aware of my surroundings this lasted for about 45mins. After the session I felt bright and confident and left feeling more positive. However coming closer to my court appearance I did get the same anxiety feelings but a lot more manageable and when the big day arrived I just got up and did what was needed. 

AMAZING there is no way I would have ever gone into court never mind stand up. I can’t describe how you feel as it’s not a feeling but any old ways just disappeared. 

I would not write this if I felt Julie’s techniques did not work but it’s this simple - they do. So if you’re reading this at home deciding what to do then please, please, please go and see her because whatever anxiety that you have it really does not have to control what you do anymore.


Driving Test Nerves

Sophie is a 25 year old Employment Law Consultant from Huddersfield.

Hi Julie,

As you know I came to see you in Leeds on Tuesday afternoon because I had failed four driving tests due to nerves and making silly mistakes which I did not usually make during driving lessons with my instructor. My negative experiences of previous tests made me very anxious about my next test, and I was aware that my own nerves and how I reacted in a test situation was contributing to the repeated test failures.

After the hypnosis session I felt very relaxed, much calmer and less stressed about my imminent driving test. On the day itself I used some of the tapping you had taught me to stay calm. Although the traffic conditions were very busy on the day I remained calm and drove as if I was on a normal lesson. There were no problems and I passed my test with only a few minors.

I will continue to use the CD you sent me in the post as this is also very calming.

Thanks very much for your help Julie, I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who suffers from stress/nerves whether in a driving test situation, or more generally. 

Sophie Millington

Inner Strength

Anne Varley had a phobia of flying and of dentists and also felt that “the 'in control' persona that people always saw on the outside” wasn’t how she felt on the inside. Anne came for a Special Package of four sessions to have the opportunity to address all of her issues.

Visiting Julie to address my issues with travelling by plane was really just the tip of the iceberg. During our sessions Julie unlocked years of anxiety, stress and fears which has given my life a general air of calm and positivity and the confidence to believe in myself and my capabilities.

Thank you Julie

Public Presentation to 300 People

Mr Kaye of Leeds first saw Julie many years ago. He came to see her again for another issue:

All hypnotherapy is not the same! Julie Woodcock uses NLP with hypnotherapy and the results are magnificent.

I originally saw Julie to relieve me from the phobia of presenting to groups of up to 20 people. Prior to the treatment I would break out in cold sweats, my heart would race and feel my head feel dizzy. Following the treatment I felt 99% better and could clearly think and present difficult subjects to my peers. I still felt a little nervous but this only heightened performance and was not the debilitating phobia that I previously felt. I actually won an award for the best presenter in the day.

6 years later I found myself nominated to present in front of 300+ people in an amphitheatre. This was a make or break situation for my career. This was much larger event than I was used to and so sought Julie's professional NLP hypnotherapy to ensure that I stayed calm and presented to the best of my ability. Again I felt calm and in control of the day and actually enjoyed it. Who would have thought it after having such a serious phobia 6 years before. I feel like I have a new lease of life and can function properly in all situations without fear. If you are reading this testimony and unsure if it is for you then take the leap and change your phobia, fears and addictions for life. 

We all have our own demons and they seem so real to us and personal. Wouldn't be nice to lose them? You owe it to yourself to live a better happier life so ask Julie to help.

Mr Kaye

IBS & Anxiety

Clare saw Julie back in 2010. Her moving testimonial says it all:

I came to Julie in November 2010. I was at the lowest point of my life that I can remember. I had been signed off work with stress and depression and was suffering crippling anxiety attacks. These had been brought on by at least 18 months of over-work, but were compounded by severe gastric and intestinal pain. I had had MRI scans, Endoscopy's, CAT scans, and was on 3 different types of specific GI medication and painkillers. I was exhausted and suffering from sever fatigue. I was now on antidepressants and beta blockers too.

In short, I was beyond desperate. Nothing was helping me and my life was controlled by pain and anxiety. I was awaiting psychological intervention when I remembered that one of the consultants I saw said that I may actually have Chronic IBS and that she had heard Hypnotherapy may work. I remembered that my husband had been to see Julie in 2003 for Smoking cessation - which had worked despite every other therapy failing. So, in desperation I called Julie. I explained my symptoms and problems and she told me she would send me her CD in the post and I could see her 3 days later in Huddersfield. This would turn out to be the best thing I could have done.

I saw Julie and almost immediately broke down in her office - I was so sad and fearful that I would always be this way that I almost couldn't breathe. But Julie was calm, matter of fact and very straight talking. She talked me through EFT (which I had tried before and found that it worked for me) and we practised that again. She also spent valuable time explaining how habits and behaviours become patterns we can break by talking to the unconscious mind. And then we moved to the Hypnosis....

After what seemed like 10 minutes but was actually 30, I was fully alert and immediately felt different. I felt like I had been released - it was almost as if I had been living under a huge cloud - and it had gone. I felt calmer, happier and in control - THIS WAS INSTANT!!!!!!

1 week later, I had had no pain AT ALL. This was the first time in almost 18 months that I had been pain free. Everyone said how different I looked. I felt better and I had started to smile again. I also felt able to return to work full time.

One month later and I am so thrilled to say that for the first time last week I went out for a meal with friends (something I haven't been able to do at all). I wasn't in pain, sick or suffering in any way, and I found I could eat after 8pm (something I also haven't been able to do). I have also been back to my Gastroenterologist and told her about Julie's treatment. She was also thrilled and told me she feels it could benefit many of her patients.

So, I implore all those IBS sufferers and those crippled by anxiety to spend the best money you will ever hand over, and go and see Julie. She has changed my life and I cannot tell you how grateful I am. She has done what no-one else could do and I know she can help you too. I've been there, I know how dreadful IBS and Stress make you feel, But there is an answer, and it's Julie.

Clare, 37, Huddersfield


This client is a medical professional who had met several of my stop smoking clients:

About 3 years ago I made the decision to go for laser hair removal on my face at a skin clinic in Birmingham. For the first few treatment sessions, things were fine but during the last session, it seemed as if the nurse was using a much stronger laser on me and I ended up with burns on my face. The burns then got infected and I was put on broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see were scars staring back at me. I got depressed, spent three months lying in bed wishing I was dead. I spent thousands on different types of creams, face washes, oils, anything I thought might help. It got so bad, I started to hate everything about my physical-self, and I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder even after the scars had more or less completely disappeared. This had a knock-on effect at work, at home. Having been put on anti-depressants, I thought I might go and meet Julie to see if she could help.

Within one session, my confidence has soared and the thoughts I used to have don’t even enter my mind. My dosage of anti-depressant has also been reduced by my GP since seeing Julie from 20mg to 10mg with a view to coming off them completely.

Thank you Julie!


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy revealed that my phobia of vomiting developed as a child. My Dad had Chemotherapy when I was about 9 or 10 and I used to listen to him vomiting constantly and wondered what this awful disease was that made a person so sick. His sickness was continuous for days and I thought that it was something I could catch from him.I would lie awake in bed at night listening to him being sick and I can remember the feelings of panic which came over me as I thought I would catch this illness and be that sick too.

As a result, I developed a phobia of vomiting which meant that I thought being sick was a serious illness and that a person has no control over how long  vomiting will last – it could be continuous. As well as these feelings existing from childhood, a bout of food poisoning from chicken meant that to me, food was a danger as it can cause terrible sickness too.

All of these factors mean that I have spent the majority of my life having a genuine fear of being sick, but one which spiralled out of control about 3 years ago – after the episode of food poisoning and becoming a mum. I have spent my time since then avoiding anything which could make me sick. I gradually stopped eating meat in restaurants, ate little of it at home, washed my hands continuously to cleanse my hands of germs and bugs and avoided contact with anyone I knew had been ill.

This phobia affected every aspect of my life. As a Mum of two young children I felt at greater risk of getting a sickness bug as children seem to always pick bugs up. So, I washed my hands all the time and made them so dry and sore they cracked and bled. As a Teacher I am constantly in contact with germs at school, so the hand washing turned obsessive. At home, I couldn’t eat anything without checking the sell by date, sometimes 3 times before eating it, and I have been known to rummage through the bins to find packaging just to check for the 4th or 5th time that the date was O.K. during a meal.  I also convinced myself that the supermarkets may have misprinted the label and that the product could actually be out of date and therefore would give me food poisoning.

Eating out was awful for me. I stopped going to friends houses for tea as I couldn’t check dates on the food there before eating it. For this reason eating in restaurants was an evening of complete anxiety. I would never eat meat from a restaurant, which lead to family and friends constantly questioning why I had turned veggie! Before I had even eaten my meal I had stomach ache from the nervous, anxious feelings I had about getting food poisoning. Which meant after eating it, I thought I had food poisoning, because the stomach ache got worse – even though I can see this was just anxiety now!

If my husband or children are ever sick, I am immediately filled with fear. I give myself stomach pains, feel a lump in my throat and am overcome with feelings of shear panic. It’s as though hearing and seeing someone else being sick gives me a ring side seat as to what I will go through when the bug affects me. 

All of the above made my life a living hell for years. It affected my relationship with my husband and, I felt, affected my abilities to care for my children when they are ill. This is why I went to see Julie, and I can’t believe I didn’t go sooner!

I have never been hypnotised before and, to be honest, I went with the attitude that I had nothing to loose if it didn’t work. I had tried Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which helped but after a while my thoughts took over again and I was back to square 1.

Being hypnotised wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, not like I had seen on T.V.!  I just felt incredibly relaxed! The results have been completely life changing.

When I think of vomiting now, it doesn’t fill me with fear. I don’t like the thought of it, and never will, but I think that it quite normal! I can now eat something without washing my hands first and don’t often even think about the consequences of not washing them!

I can go into a restaurant and have the pick of the menu, as opposed to the 2 or 3 veggie dishes I would have chosen between before! I’ve eaten out many times since the hypnosis and never chosen veggie! I really enjoyed my first beef burger in a restaurant in years! I have a new love of food and now really enjoy what I eat.

I feel generally more relaxed and happy, as everyday isn’t just one big worry! My relationships are better and other people who don’t know about my phobia have commented recently how I appear 'different' and more at ease.

I can’t recommend hypnosis highly enough. If there is any doubt in your mind as to whether you should try it, erase it now! I just wish I had been to Julie a long time ago and saved myself and those around me from what I have been through. I am so grateful to Julie for improving my life.


Fear of Water & Swimming

Catherine Marker came to see me for hypnotherapy for weight loss but decided to slot in an extra session to deal with her fear of water and swimming. This is a copy of her e-mail:

Hi there Julie,

Catherine Marker here. You’ll be pleased to know that after my summer holiday I’ve booked myself in for a course of swimming lessons on a one-to-one basis with a swimming instructor recommended by my Pilates teacher. Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that, hey?

Thank you once again for your help – I thought I’d never get into a swimming pool without my life depending on it. Our holiday was more relaxed than I thought possible, and I even took the kids swimming on my own the first week that we were away. Although I didn’t attempt any swimming myself that week, I did sit in the water and play, which boosted my confidence no end.

The second week, when we had a small outdoor pool to ourselves, I felt braver. The first day I swam a width with a float – only about 5 metres, but that’s 5 metres further than I’ve swum for about 10 years. The next day I tried a length with a float, again not far, only about 8 or 10 metres, but I felt like I was making progress. By the end of the week, I had jumped in, put my head right under the water and picked up toys from the floor of the pool, and swum several lengths without the float!!

Even my husband commented on the fact that I had got in the pool every day, and the kids gave me "hug awards" every time I managed something new, which was lovely. I don’t think I’ll make the Olympic team, but I’m going to have the lessons to try and learn properly – I’m booked in with an instructor who teaches adults who are complete beginners, and several have been very scared, so he knows how to build confidence. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again,

Catherine X

PS an update for you – have booked my second lesson having actually enjoyed my first one. Bloody hell, never thought that would ever be possible! Actually managed to swim quite a few widths of breast stroke, which is a stroke I’ve never managed to do before. 

Confidence & Panic Attacks

Lizi was 26 years old. She came to see me in July 2006 for two sessions.

My name is Lizi and I have an illness called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), that being said what I really went to Julie for help with was my social phobia, my anxiety which many times resulted in panic attacks and my general lack of happiness in day to day life.

I particularly appreciated the negation that took place in our sessions right from the start. Because lack of confidence was an issue for me, straight away Julie was saying to me, "you are capable and deserve to say what areas of your life we will work on".  That was very empowering for me. 

At home I was exposed daily to the techniques used during our joint sessions, using the self-hypnosis /relaxation CD which Julie sent me prior to our first meeting.

I have moved from not enjoying life and being overcome with stress and anxiety, (so much so that my life was severely impaired to the point that I was unable to leave my house and always extremely uncomfortable in social situations), to enrolling back in college courses and venturing out eagerly on my own into unknown environments feeling great.

Having previously been treated for my BDD by Dr David Veale at the Priory Hospital, North London, my sessions with Julie pushed me forward from there with a new optimism after a very negative and isolating period in my life.

My mother suggested hypnotherapy to me as a treatment option, and I have recently repaid that favour by referring her to Julie for some sessions.

I believe hypnotherapy can work wonders and thank Julie for enabling me to live a much happier life.


Fear of Blood

Joanne Abbishaw from Garforth came to see me suffering from, in her own words “a deep phobia of blood, gore and medical procedures” until I offered her a “lifeline.” She couldn’t watch TV programmes set in hospitals or even eat in a restaurant with someone eating a steak.

This is her story:

I had a deep rooted phobia of blood, hospitals and medical procedures. It had reached the stage that I would rather suffer pain than visit a doctor and run the risk of having blood taken. I then received a referral from a friend to contact Julie Woodcock. That call to Julie was the start of a new and happier life I now embrace. It took only 3 sessions to remove the “hell” I had lived with for so long. I can now face my fear with a sense of calmness, in fact I don’t think about it anymore and I live every day enjoyed life, family and friends. Thank you Julie, for rescuing me!

A note from Julie:

Joanne stated that she was 80% better after her first session but we both felt a second session was needed. This is quite unusual for phobias but Joanne’s phobia was very extreme. Her third session was a simple follow up to make absolutely sure that she was completely free of her issues. Again, this is usually unnecessary but I am always happy to see a client until they are absolutely convinced that they are free!

Fear of Needles

23 year old Leanne McNamara, a Civil Servant from Huddersfield , has a had a phobia of needles/dentists for 12 years.

Dear Julie,

For years I'd put off going to the dentist and having injections, it was my worst nightmare. I'd worry so much about appointments, not turn up because I was too afraid to go. After 2 weeks of suffering with toothache I knew I had to do something about it. I contacted a dentist close to my home and went for a check up, fearing the worst, knowing I'd have to have something done that would involve needles. I spotted your leaflet in the waiting room, I picked it up initially for the 'Stop smoking' part but as I read on I realised that you may be able to help me with my phobia of the dentist and injections.

I contacted you straight away and made an appointment.

I had the session with you on the Monday night and a dentist appointment on the Tuesday morning. I was worried already about the appointment, feeling nauseous and frightened, I got the best nights sleep on the Monday night than I'd had in a long time.

I was full of smiles at the Dentists, I sat and relaxed, using the techniques we spoke about and it was all done and dusted in 25 minutes (it only felt like 5). I would never have thought I'd have been able to sit there so calmly, have someone poking around in my mouth and have three injections in my gum without freaking out. It was absolutely amazing!!!

At one point the needle was on the counter in front of me whilst I was talking to the dentist and before it would have freaked me out, I'd have asked him to move it because it was scaring me, but it didn't I just thought "it's there, not doing anything, can't hurt me" I was fine!!!

I can't thank you enough.

After the session I felt relieved, excited, exhilarated. It's as if the worried/sick feelings just weren't there anymore, difficult to explain but I couldn't connect the nauseous/worried feeling with the dentist.

I was on a high all day, telling everyone I saw how wonderful it was and how great it made me feel. The phobia of needles and dentists gone and I feel free.

Thanks again

Leanne McNamara

Note From Julie: A few weeks later, to prove she was completely OK with needles, Leanne sent me the photo below - of a tattoo she'd had done on her ankle!!! (Tattoos are done with needles.) 


All Testimonials on this website are opinions based on the experiences of the individual clients concerned. The same results cannot be guaranteed for everybody.

Scans of client letters & photos

Before we all had smartphones and talked via social media, some clients wrote to me in the old-fashioned way and posted me letters. Here are some stress and phobia Testimonial scans:

Christine Sykes

Christine Sykes

Leanne’s Tattoo - done after her Needle Phobia had been addressed

Leanne’s Tattoo - done after her Needle Phobia had been addressed

Helen Hughes after we’d tackled her Fear of Heights

Helen Hughes after we’d tackled her Fear of Heights