Julie Petty

It’s great to get updates from clients. Julie Petty wrote this on dropbox. (I didn’t even know you could message on dropbox!!!)  

Hi Julie 

Just wanted to let you know how I’m doing with not smoking. 

9 full days today and apart from yesterday which was very stressful I haven’t had a problem. 

Managed to get through yesterday by remembering your advice that smoking wouldn’t change the situation. 

Thanks again. 

And then........ 

Still not had a cigarette and it will be 4 months on Monday. 

Changed jobs and even though nearly everyone smokes I can sit outside with them and it doesn’t bother me one bit. 

Thanks so much 

Julie Petty

Umnani Nock

Umnani saw me to stop smoking back in 2007. She posted this 5 star review on Facebook in April 2016, after she'd been back to see me for weight management:

9 years ago I stopped smoking following one session of hypnosis with Julie, in all that time I have never craved or wanted a cigarette.

Before I tried hypnosis I had tried every form of nicotine replacement available and had "stopped" smoking a number of times, each time a gruelling, hard, tortuous slog. I read about Break the Habit at my Dentists and thought I'd try a different approach, I still can't believe how easy it was, there was no process of stopping smoking, no trying to quit, I simply walked out of that session as somebody who doesn't smoke.

Nearly 10 years later & I feel healthier now than I ever did and best of all, Julie has saved me over £14,000!

Here is a link to Umnani's weight loss testimonial.

Andrea Dyer

Andrea Dyer posted this 5* review on Break the Habit’s facebook page on New Year’s Day 2016:

Good Morning and a happy new year. I am extremely proud to say that I have got through Christmas and the new year cigarette free thanks to you. I attended a session with yourself on the 4th of October and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since ....

THREE FABULOUS MONTHS!!!!!! I am so very pleased!....to be honest hypnotism was my last ditch attempt at breaking the habit having tried numerous other methods and failing miserably. I was worried about feeling withdrawal and cravings and the irritability that stopping smoking brings. I am so please to say that I felt none of this. All I feel is euphoric and so very thankful that I am a non-smoker. 

Thank you very much for breaking the habit!  

This works... all you need to do is to want to give up and pick up the phone and make an appointment. It would be the best new year gift you could give yourself.

Andrea Dyer

Over the past couple of years, rather than emailing Testimonials direct, clients have tended to leave them on my Facebook page. But here are numerous stop smoking Testimonials going back over the years:

Frances Taylor

Testimonial received in September 2015, 10 years after Frances and her husband stopped smoking with me:

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to say that at the weekend it was exactly ten years ago that Stephen and I stopped smoking after having one session with you. Neither of us ever thought we'd be able to do it but we did! You made it a very easy transition from smoker to non smoker and we thank you so much for completely changing our lives!

Frances Taylor

Laura Carroll

Testimonial received in Summer 2015:

I had been smoking for over half of my life when, one morning, my mum sent me a barrage of messages directing me towards various disgusting anti-smoking YouTube videos. “Enough!” I thought, and immediately got onto google to search for way to quit. I had heard mixed reviews on hypnotherapy but decided to give it a go in the hope that it would be an easy quick fix, because, if I’m honest, I’m lazy, and I knew just how hard and stressful quitting was. I was drawn to Julie because of her high success rate and glowing testimonials, and so I booked a session in Leeds.

The session itself isn’t weird or funny, as I had thought it might be. It was a calming, relaxing experience and at no point did I feel awkward.

Julie told me that I would walk out a non-smoker and that is exactly what happened. This next point I cannot stress enough: FROM THAT POINT ON, IT REQUIRED ZERO EFFORT FOR ME TO QUIT SMOKING! I still cannot quite believe it, but it’s like I never smoked. I never fancy one, I never crave one, I don’t even think about cigarettes ever! I have been out drinking, I have sat in pub gardens and in bars on holidays when those around me have smoked in the sun with a beer in their hand, and I have not wanted to join them in the slightest. I quit for a year once before using just will power) and it was an horrendous process of stressful cravings and dire mood swings for months. This time has been quite the opposite.

Quitting smoking has been the easiest, best thing I’ve ever done and I cannot thank Julie enough!

Laura xxx


Testimonial received in July 2015:

Hi Julie

I was physically and psychologically drained when I turned to Julie’s help. Just as many of us wrongly believe, I clung on cigarettes as if they were to save me from my troubled marriage. I kept smoking to sooth my distress even when my body showed all signs of rejection (loss of weight, coughing and stomach acidity).

Today, I can truly say that it was just a matter of luck that I came across Julie’s ‘Break the habit’ leaflet. I gave it a try, sceptical on how much her hypnotherapy would have been effective. The outcome was absolutely successful: I came out of my first and last therapy feeling no cigarette craving. It felt as if I had never lit cigarettes in my life.  

I can never be thankful enough to Julie. I have been freed from my smoking habit for 2 years now and feel no need of it. 

Thank you again

With my best regards,


Willy Mullan

Testimonial received in May 2015:


On 20th October 2014 I had a session with you to encourage me to stop smoking.

I was with my wife, Helan and I was first in! I must say I hadn't really thought about stopping smoking prior to our appointment, except to say that Helan had told me about it, and I went for the easy option! Throwing away an almost full packet of cigarettes during the session certainly wasn't part of my plan.

I also still remember thinking during the hypnosis about going for a pint to await Helan from her session, during which, I figured I'd be smoking. I'm being told over and over, under hypnosis, that I no longer smoke, I'm having the back of my hand pinched and lifted and, all the time, I'm thinking to myself: I'm looking forward to the pint and a smoke while I waited for my wife.

The session finished and I spoke briefly to my wife before heading off to the pub.

Now, I went into the session a 30/40 per day smoker and I left thinking nothing had changed. I landed in the pub and suddenly realised something had changed. I felt different somehow, quite hyper, if I'm being honest. My friend in the pub noticed and queried my behaviour and I told him I'd just been hypnotised to stop smoking. As a known hardened smoker, this met with no little scepticism.

However, for a smoke I did not go. Also, the thought of replacing those I'd thrown away didn't enter. My wife met me after her session and we compared notes on our way home.  

Seven months later, I do not smoke. I rarely even think about having a cigarette and, apart from putting on a pound or three around my waist, feel infinitely better. My wife has a little more difficulty although she, too, remains a non-smoker. 

As a "non-believer", I was reticent in the extreme, however, I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie's service. I have already recommended her and am awaiting the sound of envelopes full of M&S vouchers to start tumbling through my letterbox. 

Thank you Julie, 


Willy Mullan

Steve Pickles

Testimonial received in May 2015:

Hi Julie,

I'd like to thank you for helping me to stop smoking it's been eleven weeks since my last cigarette.

only wish I'd done it sooner and not spent lots of money on nicotine replacement. This was a great investment and for anyone who is reading this just do it you'll be glad you did.

Many thanks

Steve Pickles

May 2015


Testimonial received in May 2015:

I would like to extend my gratitude to Julie. I attended her office in February having been a smoker for years and desperate to stop but having tried all the nicotine replacement therapies and failing. I would never have thought I would be saying I haven’t had a cigarette for nearly 3 months.

Julie is fantastic – she talks you through your reasons for wanting to quit and incorporates these reasons into your session.

I initially was sceptical but I had a cigarette 15 minutes before meeting Julie and haven’t had one since.

My little girl gets so much more attention now and says I smell better!I get lots more hugs.

Once again, thank you Julie, you’re fantastic!!! 


Richard Rigby

It's great to hear from past clients about their success. Richard stopped smoking with me six years ago:

Happy to help you make another ex-smoker by introducing my colleague to you! Six years next month for me. Apart from the obvious health benefits I have saved a fortune. My advice to anyone would be "If you want to stop smoking contact Julie Woodcock!"

Kind regards

Richard Rigby

Rachel Baskerville

Rachel emailed this testimonial in June 2014:

It was my youngest son who picked up Julie’s leaflet and put it in my handbag. He had been nagging me for quite a while to stop smoking and whilst I was not a big smoker – honestly up to 10 a day (and not the 5 I was telling everyone!)

I was still a little reticent at giving up. I liked smoking. However, I made the appointment, listened to the CD and turned up. I was sceptical because there was a part of me that did not want to stop smoking and a part of me that thought “there’s no way I won’t be giggling and feeling silly when it I’m not hypnotised and it hasn’t worked” As I said,  I LIKED SMOKING! 

Two hours later I came out feeling I was on top of the world. I was done with smoking. I felt so incredibly positive and raring to go. I wasn’t worried I would fall off the wagon because I had no desire to smoke at all. 

Incredible as it sounds the feelings of “gasping for a ciggy” first thing in the morning, trying to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think of smoking and all those yearnings I had suffered previously at giving up, were simply not there. That’s because previously I had to rely on will power and we all know how unreliable that can be….!

I do and did have moments where I thought about smoking….but that was it, over and done with within 5 seconds! Even the “me in a very stressed situation” did not yield or even think that I needed to smoke. My resolve was steadfast and even being stood next to people smoking or being able to smell someone smoking has not produced even a knee wobble from me….not even a “mmmm that smells nice”. It does not register at all.

Amazed? I still am and I simply cannot find the right words that convey my gratitude to Julie. I can go to the gym more regularly now and not be gasping for breath after 5 minutes. Both my sons tell me all the time how lovely I smell! I cannot even tell you how long it is since I stopped because it’s not important. What has been important is the healthier lifestyle I now lead, my boys’ wellbeing and the extra treats with the money I have saved.

Rachel Baskerville

Ani Viswanathan

Ani emailed this testimonial in April 2014:

I told Julie once I had completed 3 years of non-smoking I would write her a reference. Well it has now been over 3 years and I still don't smoke. Or crave one. In fact I don't even think about it anymore.

I went to see Julie in desperation as I was told by my Consultant Surgeon that I "HAD" to stop smoking or they would not treat me for a rather serious condition I had (which is all sorted now).

Julie's approach is very different from most out there. Firstly she makes it clear that there is no such thing as a magic wand and that unless you really want to stop smoking it won't work, nobody can make you do something you really don't want to. Julie makes you think hard about why you started smoking, why you keep smoking, what excuses you give, what your triggers are.

But she also looks in-depth at why you want to stop ... she helps you understand that you are not losing anything by stopping smoking but shows you what you are gaining by doing so. Julie utilizes NLP together with Hypnotherapy (both of which she is professional qualified in) and I think this makes a massive difference to the results she gets. 

The other thing I really liked about Julie is that she worked for many years in the commercial corporate world herself before she started the "Break the Habit" business and understands the pressures and stresses people are under in modern life.

It is with absolute pleasure that I give this reference for Julie and the amazing work she does in helping people move forward with their lives.

Ani Viswanathan

Ian and Karen

It’s great to hear from past clients about their successes – Ian stopped smoking with me and then Karen came for weight loss. But when I got this letter I was only too happy to help out (free of charge of course!) It really is good to hear how my CD has been so helpful to this lovely couple and their son!

Dear Julie,

We were wondering if there was any chance of getting a replacement CD, that you usually supply to listen to before a hypnosis session. Please let us know if there is a cost to be incurred. My husband Ian came to see you a few years ago to stop smoking and used the CD to help him relax, and is still cigarette free, and I also came to see you just after to help with weight loss.

We have recently moved house and through using the CD a lot and the move the CD has got quite scratched. We have a 5 year old little boy who is Autistic and has no speech or understanding of speech. As you can imagine he has very high levels of frustration because he is unable to make his needs known and does not sleep well at night. Sometimes only 2 to 3 hours broken up. This has been a lot worse over the summer holiday and because we just didn't know what else to do Ian put on your CD to see if he would calm down at bedtime and sleep.

Nothing else seems to have worked so far. Unfortunately, it does start to jump about half way because of the scratches, but so far it has worked!!!!!!!! Not really sure how - but it has. Which is why we are keen to get another one if it is possible. Thank you very much


Ian and Karen, Leeds

Hanna Fenton

Hanna came to stop smoking with me in November 2012 and wrote this in April 2014:

After smoking for 10 years I had one session with Julie and walked out of her office a non-smoker and have not had another one since, or even considered it! Smoking just didn’t make sense anymore!

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and would 100% recommend Julie to other people. One of the best things I have ever spent money on and well worth it! 

Hanna Fenton

Richard Davies

Richard emailed this in autumn 2013:

Hi Julie,

Just thought I would take this opportunity to say Thank You very much for helping me quit smoking. Although it’s only been 3 weeks (seems like longer!!) I have not touched a cigarette or had the urge to have one. I am totally shocked at how easy it has been and have been pleasantly surprised when out in a smoking environment with the added evil of alcohol I am still not tempted. 

I am extremely happy with the service I received and can only sing your praises!!

Once again

Thank you


Dottie Anderson - UPDATE

Update in 2013 from Dottie, who stopped smoking with me in 2009:

Hi Julie,

Well what can I say been a very interesting 4 years next month since I was a smoker – and I certainly haven’t looked back. 

Anyone who knows me would always have said that I would be a smoke for life but here I am a NON SMOKER and very proud of that fact, also what is amazing to me and my friends is I can’t stand the smell of smoke especially if it is on someone – which amazes my friends no end is I avoid places where people are just hanging around smoking – a few years ago that would have been my signal to light up and join them – i.e. outside of work being the anti-social one of the group and also what pleases me totally I went shopping with a friend a few weeks ago at the white rose in the past I would have been having to leave her to pop outside for a quick one [ciggie that is] but nope we just did the shops for 5 hours and only stopped twice once for coffee and once for lunch perfect – and without buying ciggies I have more money in my purse. 

I really didn’t think that I could become a non-smoker if I am honest just thought one day I would be able to and that day was 3rd August 2009 – had my session with Julie with a follow up session if I needed it – and still have not booked that follow up session. 

So if you have any doubts – [and believe me I started smoking when I was about 12 yrs. old – both my parents were smokers so I would pinch one of there to try it – it looked so cool at that age] just book the appointment with Julie – she is so kind, caring and has a fabulous attitude and approach.

Kind regards


Adam Henderson

Adam emailed this is July 2013:

I visited Julie on October 17 2012 to quite smoking, I was a little sceptical right up to sitting down in Julies' office, but nine months later I haven't had a single cigarette. My health has improved, my blood pressure has dropped and I feel generally much better in myself. 

I can still socialise with people who do still smoke without being tempted to do so and don't miss it at all. It seems silly to me now that I ever did smoke. 

People often say how well I've done to quit but I almost feel like I've cheated, it was so easy, I paid my money, I got hypnotised, I stopped, it was that quick. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. 

I'd also say that the experience of being hypnotised was one of the most relaxing of my entire life, it felt like a weight had been lifted I felt very rested afterwards and still feel generally more relaxed and less stressed even nine months later.

I would recommend Julie to anyone who is thinking of quitting smoking.

Kind Regards

Adam Henderson

Steve Bryan

Short and sweet – but the perfect feedback! Received on 21st June 2013:

Hi Julie,

Hope this finds you well. 

Just for feedback, I have not had a cigarette since I walked out of your office on 1 May 2013, so thank you - it works. 



Jackie Dempsey

Jackie came to see me in 2011. You can see her original testimonial further down the list. She emailed this in June 2013. Sometimes a short email says it all!

I have saved £5,483.21 Pounds by NOT smoking 14,622 cigarettes!

How cool is that!!??

I can now run cross country and have taken up pilates.

I am so much stronger mentally and physically.

Thank you very much Julie

Jackie Dempsey

Faye Jackson

Hi to anyone who may be reading this, I have tried to write it so it is as helpful as possible to those scanning these testimonials like I was doing a year ago. I contacted Julie, when I had no luck quitting smoking on my own. I can honestly say, it was the best move I have ever made.

Despite being slightly reserved in my belief, and figuring that the cost of cigs meant that it was well worth a try, I walked in the room on 20 a day and since walking out over 11 months ago, I haven’t picked up a cigarette. People ask me if it works, it has for me that’s the only fact I need.  

Just a bit of extra information for those of you who want to know more is that I didn’t have withdrawal symptoms, it’s like I ‘forgot’ I was a smoker. Times and places that I would normally have had one or two cigarettes passed without me noticing, namely the walk from the office to the car...I would normally be cig in hand waiting to light the second I got outside, I would be half way home and realise I hadn’t even thought of it!!! Don’t get me wrong, every now and again I smell a cig and think ‘I could have one of those’ but I know that I won’t and that I don’t really want one, it’s like a fleeting memory. I can stand in a group of my mates who smoke and it doesn’t faze me (which is what I thought would be the hard part).

I worked out how much money I had saved last week...wow! 

The one hour I spent with Julie truly changed my life, I never believed I would be smoke free, and I have smoked since I was 15, 20 years later, 20 a day habit, gone. I have friends who are still gobsmacked, I have a life where I no longer focus on where the next smoking shelter is, where the next corner shop is or how many are left for the morning. I can’t tell you to go for it, but I can tell you that the difference it makes is awesome, and I am so glad I decided to give it a go. Like I said, It has worked for me, FACT.

Cheers Julie x

Faye Jackson 

Mark Bradley

Well it's been well over a month now. It was October the 1st 2012 that I went to see Julie, after a friend told me about her, (he was smoking 40 cigs a day before he saw Julie). So I decided to give it a go, I can honestly say I am so glad I did after the first 1 hour session I have left Julie's place a non smoker.

Not even had the urge to have one again. My life has changed for the better even if it's 6 weeks. In my breathing my lungs feel so much better, not coughing in the morning. I will not be putting another one of them dirty things near my mouth again, and the best thing is I've given myself a £3,500 a year pay rise!!!! Thank you so, so much Julie you are a star and money well spent.

Regards from Mark xx

Mark Bradley, Halifax

Kate of Leeds

I am in my late twenties, smoking about 15 cigarettes a day and was starting to get short of breath and feel unfit. I have a busy, stressful job in the NHS and wanted to get fit and healthy.

I went to see Julie after my friend visited her and quit straight away, I couldn't believe it and decided I wanted to give it ago. I was so impressed it had worked for Her, that I decided it was worth spending the money.

I rang Julie who is a lovely positive person and fills you with confidence that it is going to work. We arranged a date and she sent me a CD to listen to. I listened to the CD a couple of times in the week leading up to my session and it was nice to use it just to relax at home. 

I had a cigarette at home before going to my apppointment and wasn't really sure what to expect. During the session I didn't really feel "hypnotised" and could remember everything Julie said to me. I didn't feel different on leaving the office and thought I had wasted my money! However I have never smoked since. It has been just over 3 months now and is the best money I ever spent! I still get the odd craving now and again but nothing I can't handle and I have forgotten about it as quickly as it came on.

I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to quit and just need a helping hand. I feel much healthier now and to be honest don't know how I ever afforded to smoke before. The cost of the session has more than been made up by the money I have saved not smoking the last few months. Thank you Julie!! Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I have made.



BM of Leeds

Hi Julie,

I came to see you on the 12th April this year [2012] and it has nearly been 6 months now and I have not touched a cigarette since seeing you.

I was a heavy smoker for 12 years and I was always thinking at the back of mind I needed to quit. I worried about health problems, that I stunk of smoke, setting a bad example to the kids, bad skin, smokers cough, stained teeth and the inability to keep fit as I easily became out of breath at the gym.

I had tried the usual ways of trying to stop smoking, gum, patches, medication, cessation clinics and cold turkey, but I always started smoking again after a couple of months. I had seen Julie’s leaflet for years at my dentist and always picked it up and read it thinking I must try hypnotherapy, but never rang. One day when my cigarettes went up to over £7 a packet I realised I had to quit as I was tired of wasting my money on a habit that I didn’t even really enjoy. I rang Julie and had a chat with her about my reasons for wanting to stop and made my appointment for two weeks later. I listened to the CD at least once or twice a day leading up to my appointment and I felt very relaxed and positive about quitting smoking. On the day I had my last fag outside, threw away my lighter and fag packet and went in.

I found being hypnotised a very relaxing experience and I was aware of everything that was going on. I spent the next few days thinking about being hypnotised and had it worked, before I realised it a week had passed and I hadn’t smoked at all. My whole attitude to smoking changed, I realised I always had a choice to have a fag or not. Sometimes the smell of smoke repulses me, other times I can sit in a room full of people smoking and it won’t bother me in the slightest.

I am confident I will never take smoking up again as I feel like a non-smoker and don’t ever think about having a fag. Since quitting I have become very active enjoying my new found lungs and not getting out of breath when chasing the kids round the park or exercising at the gym. I have lost over a stone in weight since quitting through my new lifestyle as a non-smoker, I think it is just another excuse that you put weight on when you quit to put off quitting. I have so much more energy, have no coughs/colds, my teeth are no longer stained and no horrid tastes in my mouth! Most of all I enjoy spending all the extra money I now have on myself and the family and wonder how I ever afforded to smoke before. I would recommend anyone who smokes to give Julie a ring and give hypnotherapy a go, as it has worked wonders for me and has been easy to do with only mild cravings occasionally.

Thanks so much Julie for helping me finally quit for good. 

BM Leeds

Tracey Lee

I got this e-mail from one of my clients:

Hi Julie,

It’s been just over 4 weeks now and I'm still not smoking. I really didn't think it would this easy, it's like I've never smoked at all. Mum's still going strong too.Thank you ever so much you’re amazing.

Tracey xx

So I asked Tracey to write a bit more background to really help other people to make the decision to stop smoking with me! And this is what she wrote…

Hi Julie 

Here goes for a testimonial!

I have to admit I didn't think I could ever give up smoking. I had tried everything, gum, patches, tablets, I even bought an electric cigarette. All a waste of money.

Then my brother brought home Julie’s pamphlet and I was intrigued. I read it, then checked out the website . . . I read some testimonials but thought I really need to think it over some more. Then forgot about it.

Then I got talking to someone doing work at our house who'd been stopped smoking for 6 years and it turned out he'd been to Julie. Within half an hour I'd phoned Julie, left a message, Julie phoned me back and I'd got an appointment to see her. 

I think I smoked a little bit more coming up to the appointment through nerves thinking it's a lot of money - but then I did my homework.

Now 4 weeks 3 days down the line of not smoking I'm happier, healthier - and have money in my purse. I can't thank Julie enough.

My mum saw how well I was doing, booked to see Julie and now she's been stopped for 1 week and 4 days. Both of us agree it's like we never smoked!

I'm enjoying my life so much more now all down to Julie

Thank you so much Julie xxx 

James Boothroyd

James saw Julie in April 2012:


Thank you so much for your help quitting smoking, I came to see you on the 12 April 2012 and I have still not had a cigarette 5 months later.

The amazing thing is I have been sat around my friends some of whom are big smokers and I haven't even wanted one, not even once. It is like I have been reset to how I was at 18 before I had ever had a cigarette or even wanted one.

I thought the biggest test would be when I had a drink, but I've not even thought about having one then, I wish I'd come to see you years ago.

Thanks for all your help.

Kind regards,

James Boothroyd

Natalie Simmonite

Dear Julie,

I hope you are well.

Well I promised I would stay in touch, granted it has been 8 weeks since I met with you, but being the sceptic that I am, I wanted to ensure that I actually was still not smoking before I wrote to you.

I am very pleased to say that I have not touched, or more importantly wanted to touch a cigarette since the last one I squeezed in before walking into your office just over 8 weeks ago.

The strangest thing about all this, and this is what I have tried to explain to everybody that has asked me how I have stopped, is that I actually feel like I have never smoked, even though I know I have. I have never found trying to stop smoking as easy as this, and I have now started recommending you to people that I know, as they can see I am living proof that with your help and the determination to stop, it actually works, definitely the best money I have spent.

Many Thanks


Natalie Simmonite

Suzanne Smith

Hi Julie,

After trying many different ways over the years to stop smoking (tablets, gum, inhalers.etc) I decided to give hypnosis a go.

Within an hour of meeting Julie I was a non-smoker, and know I will be for the rest of my life.

It is the best money I have ever spent (almost 9 years ago) and would recommend her to anyone trying to break the habit.

Suzanne Smith

Alison Kaye

Hi Julie,

I have hesitated to write before at least a week was up, as I didn't want to have to eat my words.

I did, however want you to know that I feel great!! I have not struggled at all and the only time I thought about it was at a social event when a few people went outside for a cigarette and I followed (Pavlov dog style!) then caught myself. I stayed out with them and chatted as it was fine.

I am so glad I gave you a go.

Anyone else who really wants to stop - please give Julie a go. If I can do it (and continue to live with a smoker) anyone can.

Alison Kaye (Holmfirth)

Michael Pickles - UPDATE

Update testimonial from Michael, who saw me in 2010:

Hello Julie,

Hope you are keeping well and sorting lots of people out to stop smoking.

I just thought I would let you know I came to you on the 25th January 2010 and have not had a cigarette since.

I will be grateful to you forever for helping me stop. My life has been a big rollercoaster over the last two years with many lows and a couple of highs but had I been a smoker still I would have been dead by now from lung cancer as they were always my crutch.

You wont remember but I was working all hours to save up for my youngest son to go to Uni and he has just finished his first year in performing Arts, and yes Dad paid for it for him with a lot of the help from ciggie money!! He is going to Edinburgh in August to perform at the Edinburgh festival and Dad is very proud! I wouldn’t have been around to see it had I been smoking.

I will thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me stop smoking, somebody ought to make you prime minister so you could sort the country’s problems out!

Here’s hoping for the future!!

God Bless

Michael Pickles

Diane of Leeds

Testimonial from Diane of  Leeds – 5 years after she saw me:

In April 2007, I went to see Julie to seek her help to stop my 15 – 20 cigarette per day habit. My mother had died the month before from cancer, which has spread to her lungs and also, I wanted to start a family. I couldn’t think of a better time to stop. 

I had always been ashamed of my smoking, knowing it smelled horrible and was a stupid waste of money and not smoking in front of family or work colleagues, (but realising now that they will definitely have been able to smell it a mile away!), but I couldn’t seem to kick it into touch, despite patches knowing how bad it was for my health, and at one point even trying Zyban. 

I went to see Julie and when I left her offices not 100% convinced it would work I was pleased to find that I was home before it had occurred to me that I hadn’t had a cigarette as soon as I’d got outside of her office, which I would have expected to do after any other meeting where you cant smoke inside.  (This was before the ban). 

I haven’t had one since and now have 2 beautiful children too. I never, ever think about smoking a cigarette anymore and cannot begin to imagine buying a packet and lighting one up!

Before I stopped it was something that was part of the day – having to fit in a visit to the shop to buy a packet, then being able to make time to have a quick one before work starts, or before lunchtime ends, or whatever. If I was on a night out, the thought of not smoking would have been completely alien, now the very idea of doing so is the strangest thing in the world!

It is completely fabulous to be free of cigarettes, forever! And to be able to smell my own perfume even at the end of the day, rather than the smell of stale cigarette smoke.  My complexion is a million times better too and most importantly, I no longer waste all that money on something so destructive and expensive and I know that I am setting my children a positive example by being completely cigarette free. I don’t have to lie to my family, or hide the fact from work colleagues and all round, I cannot recommend enough the feeling of having broken the habit, its wonderful!

Thank you so much Julie

Peter Broughton

This testimonial was written by Peter's wife:

Peter smoked for 46 years and over the years has tried every thing to quit without success until we found you.

We just wanted to say you have saved Peter from smoking and by doing so saved his life. He was in casualty on Saturday with another severe chest infection, which triggered off his C.O.P.D. He says if he had not of stopped after leaving your office he does not think he would be around long.

Many, many thanks

Peter and Pauline Broughton

Debbie Thomas

Hi Julie,

On the 7th of September I came to see you for stopping smoking. Because of my illnesses my mother kept on nattering me to stop smoking and to come and see you after I had heard about you through a friend. 

I came as arranged on the 7th of September. I must admit all I could remember about the session was the colour red. On my way home in the taxi everything that was red seemed to be drawn to my eyes. We had just moved my mother in law in with us after a bad fall. Unfortunately she deteriorated and died on the 21st of September.

All the way through this very stressful time I never once felt like I needed to light a cig up. The following sentence used to come into my head "WHAT’S THE POINT BECAUSE WHEN I DIE THE CIG OUT THE STRESS WILL STILL BE THERE." What I found myself doing was taking a deep breath in and out. 

Thank you so much Julie for helping me to kick the 30 a day habit of over 35 years into touch.

Debbie Thomas

Health Assistant/Phlebotomist, Leeds

L.S. of Leeds

Before I went to see Julie I used to smoke on average around 7 cigarettes a day. Whilst this isn't a lot in comparison to some smokers, it was enough to leave me filled with guilt that I was damaging my health and pocket by continuing the habit. I tried gum, lozenges, champix, cold turkey and a self help book. None worked, and just made the desire more greater for me to smoke.

I was an embarrassed smoker, and a very secretive one. Only my partner and a couple of other people knew I smoked.

I had always wanted to try hypnosis but had never gone for it. The trigger for me was that I didn't want to carry on being hooked on something that I knew could eventually end my life early. I also felt real guilt every time I bought a packet at the cost of it. I am a really strong willed person in every other aspect of my life, but just couldn't stop smoking which really got to me.

I went to see Julie just over three weeks ago and haven't smoked since. It feels as though I have never smoked. Previous times I had tried to stop I actually felt sad that I couldn't have a cigarette, which generally made me start again. Hypnosis turns off the trigger in you to go and buy a packet. Whilst I know I used to smoke and remember smoking, I have no desire to smoke.

I am very thankful for Julie's help, it's really made a positive impact on my life.



Ian C

I came to see Julie in October 2011, and have now been smoke free for 6 months. I had been a 15-20 a day smoker for 10 years, and was always promising myself I would quit, but then delaying it over and over. Whilst I wanted to pack them in, I really couldn't see myself as a non-smoker, and was very scared of the affects it may have on my life to give them up, I was that reliant on them.

When I did have a go at quitting many times in the past, I have tried everything – patches, gum, lozenges, cold turkey, electric cigs, inhalers, hypnosis tapes, certain books about easy ways to quit, and even a different hypnotherapist a few years ago. All last for a very short time before I was back on the tabs – Julie explained why!

After speaking to Julie on the telephone, and the confidence she has to offer future sessions for free I decided to 'invest' (definitely think of it as an investment, as the money you pay you will make back in what you would have spent on cigs!), and finally be a non-smoker.

My main motivation was health. I knew that if I didn't quit, cigarettes would kill me eventually - the statistics don't lie! A couple of recent health scares told me that it was now or never to get rid of cigarettes.

Immediately after seeing Julie, whilst I still had thoughts about smoking, the last thing I wanted to do was put a cigarette in my mouth, which was a feeling I hadn't had in over 10 years – the appeal and desire to smoke just went away, and times when I would previously automatically reach for a cigarette, it seemed like I just forgot I smoked.

Now it's like I was never a smoker, like Julie has access to the 'off switch' in your head! The day after I saw Julie, I went on a night out – before if I had tried to quit, as soon as a drop of beer touched my lips and someone sparked up, that was it. But this time, I found myself drink in hand, standing next to 3 smokers outside who were chain smoking - I had no desire or need whatsoever to smoke, and wondering why I ever used smoke. That's when I knew I was free of the habit, and was a very happy moment!

Quitting has had NO negative impacts on my life, like I used to fear it would. I've had 'no withdrawal symptoms' at all. With Julie's help, I don't crave cigarettes, I don't get anxious without cigarettes, I can be around people smoking without getting any desire to smoke, there is no feeling of a 'void' like I used to when trying to quit, and I know that I will reap the health benefits for the rest of my life.

The financial benefits are also brilliant – an extra £130 + in my pocket each month has gone down very well!

I look at smokers in a very different light now. When my colleagues at work all go out for their cigarette breaks, whilst before I was usually the first one outside and lighting up, I look at the babble of smokers leaving the building and feel sorry for them – sorry that they are still hooked on the smokes when there is a pain free way to give up just a phone call away!

I have no hesitation in recommending Julie – she is literally saving lives. As she did so well with the smoking, I've now gone back to Julie to help me to lose weight – I'm fairly confident in a few months there could be another testimonial from me in the weight loss section!

Ian C.


Mandy Walton

Some of my clients have to continue to live and work with smokers – so they have to get used to being around smokers! Although the process I uses focuses on getting you not to care about others smoking, some people – Like Mandy Walton - will find they really don’t like to be around smokers!

I have now been a non smoker for nearly 9 months.

Before I saw Julie, I used to smoke 35 to 40 cigarettes a day and never thought I would be able to break the habit, but that's all it is just a smelly, nasty, expensive habit. 9 months after seeing Julie I can honestly say that smoking is now my number 1 pet hate, I don't like being stood next to anyone who smokes and I find that when I see people smoking, it really annoys me!!!

I recommend Julie to every smoker that I know and I know that one of my work colleagues has already been to see her. Going to see Julie and freeing myself of the habit that I thought controlled me was the best gift I could ever have given myself. To anyone reading this, do it, go see Julie and give yourself a great gift.

Mandy Walton, Holmfirth

Jackie Dempsey

In her late 40's with three grown-up sons, Jackie Dempsey from Armitage Bridge in Huddersfield was beginning to feel "tired and old" and guilty about being a smoker. She came to see me at the end of May 2011 and wrote this in November:

Just wanted to flag up that I have now stopped smoking for 6 months. I felt I would be a smoker until my dying day, which didn't feel too far away, deliciously I was wrong!

My life is still too busy, still too stressful but I no longer add smoking to that mix. I walk the dog every day before work, have taken up yoga and resisted the urge to drink more red wine in place of cigarettes!

Just wanted to say thank you very much Julie for your helping hand and positivity.

Jackie Dempsey (Armitage Bridge) xx

Aimee of Rothwell

Residential Social Worker Aimee from Rothwell stopped smoking with Julie on 5th October 2011:

Hi Julie,

I thought I would update you on my progress. Well it's been six weeks since I stopped smoking and can honestly say it was so easy, I have managed a trip with the girls to Amsterdam, a stressful two weeks at work and numerous social occasions and not gone for the cig packet once.

The strange thing I have noticed is you gave me a stern talking to over my huge coffee intake and since seeing you I have not touched a drop and switched to water and tea so this hypno killed two birds with one stone :). Xx

I want to say a huge Thank You for your support you have changed my life. I will be back for my phobia of spiders shortly ha xx

Thanks Julie you are a star xxx


Martin of Leeds

Here’s Martin’s story. Martin works in IT in Leeds. Just so you know, you don’t have to listen to the CD I send out as often as Martin did – and you don’t have to even try to cut down before your appointment! 

I came to see Julie about stopping smoking three years ago - I'd just been diagnosed with high blood pressure - my doctor had shown me that my risk of having a heart attack in 10 years dropped from 7% to 2% if I didn't smoke - so I had some good motivation.

Previously I'd tried 'cold turkey' - which lasted a week - and I wanted a cigarette constantly, gum - which tasted vile and made me miss ciggies and Zyban - which sent me loopy - and didn't work.

Julie and I chatted on the phone for about 15 minutes about my motivation, and how I smoked - when, how many etcetera, and I decided I did want to give hypnotherapy a try. This helped me to realise just how structured and habitual my smoking was - one in the car on the way to work, one outside the office, two at lunch etc... etc... Julie sent out her CD, which I copied to my iPod and listened to religiously four times a day in the run up to our session. During this week I managed to cut out some of the cigarettes I was smoking without a problem!

On the day of the session I had my last cigarette out on The Headrow - wondering what it would be like to not smoke - then ceremonially binning the remainder of the pack on my way in. The session itself seemed to be over fairly quickly - we chatted more about smoking and about how the hypnosis and NLP worked, then I settled back in Julie's chair and emerged a non-smoker about half an hour later.

I'd love to say it was easy from then on - and the truth is it was - I had a bit of a wobble on the next holiday - but didn't give in - then made it through a close relative's death without even thinking about smoking.

I've also saved an absolute fortune to splurge on gadgets with - something I couldn't have afforded to do as a smoker.

If you are considering seeing Julie then I would recommend you just do it - I was sceptical - but it was one of the best decisions I've made.

Martin, Leeds

Jayne of Halifax

Jayne emailed this testimonial to Julie in late August 2011:

Dear Julie,

I can't believe that it's a year ago since I came to see you to stop smoking and just to let you know I am still a non smoker!

I came to see you because I had smoked for 32yrs and I had tried to stop on and off for years. I didn't want to be controlled by this disgusting habit so came to see you and one hour later I left a non smoker and one year later still a non smoker so thank you.

My friend at work was a bit sceptical but 3 weeks after I had come to see you he came and he still is a non smoker too!! So it does work and I am now a healthier person for it.

Once again thank you.

Jayne from  Halifax

More Testimonials to be uploaded.