About Me


I’m a Business graduate and began my career in Personnel Management and Training. In the mid-1980s, while working as a Management Consultant for top Accountancy firm Ernst and Young, I became interested in NLP - the art and science of excellence in communication.

I went on to train with Anthony Robbins in 1995 and again in 1997 in Hawaii. Tony is one of the world's leading motivational coaches. I became a certified NLP Trainer (International NLP Trainers Association) and Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (American Board of Hypnotherapy).

Since June 2002 I’ve been a full-time hypnotherapist helping people stop smoking, lose weight, stop or cut their drinking, and treat stress, phobia and anxiety issues.

I use a unique combination of advanced hypnotherapy techniques and NLP. It is very different and more effective than straight hypnosis methods where you often have to keep going back for numerous sessions.

Although most of my clients are from Yorkshire, people travel from as far away as London, Lincoln, Cumbria, Nottingham, and Tyneside to see me. I’ve even had clients fly to the UK specially to see me from Spain, Germany and as I update this page in October 2018, Switzerland.

I frequently appear on BBC Radio Leeds and have appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live.

My main base has always been in Leeds city centre but for 15 years I also worked in Huddersfield one day a week as it was close to home. In spring 2017 I moved to live in rural North Yorkshire, making travel to Huddersfield impractical.

Clients still come to see me from Huddersfield, Halifax etc because my office is on The Headrow in Leeds and only about 5 minutes’ walk straight up from Leeds Station. Also you can park under my building if you drive.